Conceria Tendenza: product quality and attention to the environment

With the investment of more than 4% of turnover in sustainability, the Italian tanning system is one of the most sustainable production sectors. A virtuous example is Conceria Tendenza, whose green initiatives contribute to protect our planet.
When exceeding a maximum concentration, metals become carcinogenic or toxic, this is why the leathers of the Italian Conceria Tendenza based in Solofra (Avellino), always active in research and technological development, are Metal Free. Specifically, they are processed without heavy metals (aluminum, chromium, iron, titanium and zirconium); Metal Free leathers have great advantages for humans and for nature: they are in fact hypotoxic, non-carcinogenic and avoid contamination of the water in the environment.
Furthermore, as result of a long-lasting experience in the sector, the proven mastery in the art of tanning makes Conceria Tendenza a European leader in the production and processing of leather and a reference point for national and international high-fashion leather goods. This top-quality tannery to satisfies the demand of companies in the tailoring-, furniture- and paper converting sectors as well as leather goods-, footwear- and clothing manufacturers all over the world.
In the demanding and competitive tanning sector Conceria Tendenza is thus a European leader in terms of quality and eco-sustainability, renown worldwide.