Davos since 1905, Performance and sustainability

Creativity and technology blend together in the items signed by Davos, a world leader in the production of rubber plates and soles for footwear.

Davos, company based in Veneto, launched as always quality, trendy and cutting-edge articles, made in compliance with the environment and the needs of the customer. Sustainability is the distinctive trait of each product, built to be completely recyclable, with environmentally friendly materials and without hazardous substances.


Among the top-range products in the safety field, the models ASAKHY, RANGER and SAFETY stand out for the high-end performances. Among Davos’ business sector that determine an important slice of turnover, there are the ‘fake leather’ Thunit rubbers, microporous products, items for sneakers, climbing rubber, rubber sheets and soles. Even in these fields, research and development focus on increasingly technologically advanced materials and on the study of new colors and designs according to the trends dictated by outstanding fashion brands.