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With uncertainty and ecological imperatives of today’s dynamic context in which a higher quality of life is a globally shared goal, the fashion industry is both engaged and innovative, inventing and reinventing itself to reduce its environmental footprint through methods of production that incorporate circularity and sustainability. Values such as excellence and uniqueness, craftsmanship, competence and quality coexist with the growing scarcity of raw materials and the rise of their cost, the lack of equilibrium caused in global ecosystems by the extraction of noble materials and the ever more pressing ethical, social and environmental requirements of the new generations.
The following pages introduce eco-responsible fashion accessories. Innovation and contamination give life to prestigious collections made of controlled, durable and high-quality materials; a celebration of luxury, where creativity and craftsmanship transform beautiful objects into timeless treasures.

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Micam, Mipel, White and Fashion Week Milan

Micam, Mipel, White and Fashion Week Milan

crativity competition

Creativity competition

live and bright

Live and bright metal color

spring summer 24

Spring-Summer 2024

Index: Agl, Aldo Brue, Alex, Allbirds, Apiccaps, Aplf Ltd., Artioli, Azuree, Baldinini, Beatrice B., Bianchienardi, Borsalino, Casadei, Centenario, Christian Louboutin, Collection Priveé, Crime London, Cult, Cult, Daniele Ancarani, De Siena, Dotz, Duuo, East Pacific Trade, F.Lli Rennella, Fairsytem Srl, Fashn Rooms & Shoes Düsseldorf Fairs, Fiorangelo, Fly Flot Srl, France, G.Florence, Galli Spa, Gamar Italia Srl, Germany, Hong Kong, Iacobella, Icf, Igedo Company Gmbh & Co. Kg, Industrie Chimiche Forestali Spa, Ioef, Kamo-Gutsu, Kelton, Kenneth Cole, Kroll, La Milanesa, Louis Quatorze Eudon Choi, Luciano Padovan, Maizena, Marianna Mazza, Melvin&Hamilton, Mercanti Fiorentini, Mister, Mo Ma, Moaconcept, Nebuloni E., Obuv Mir Kozhi Fair, Off Play, Parabiago Collezioni Srl, Patsatsia Nini, Polyflex Srl, Porto, Portugal, Post&Co, Premiere Vision Fair, Prima Base, Relaxshoe, Richmond, Roberto Botticelli, Romeo Hunte, Salce 197, Salle De Mode, Serafini, Silvateam, Spain, The Guitar Bag, Thierry Rabotin, Tosca Blu, Tramontano, Up To You Anthology, Valentino Shoes, Vigilante, Wanchai, Xti Footwear Sl, Yuko Imanishi