Siretessile, green turn

Recycled membranes and fabrics are the focus of the SIRE-TEX products, launched by Siretessile at Lineapelle. The upgrading of the SIRE-TEX product – carried out by the company’s valuable research and development activities in the field of materials for the footwear sector – is incessant, especially according to sustainability, so as the related rise of certified items made with recycled materials. Alongside the all-Italian waterproof and breathable membranes – which are still the company’s flagship, studied, tested and certified for every type of shoe – eco-sustainable fabrics have made their way, catching attention towards a theme the company has always cared about. Respect for the environment results into a systematic search for sustainable alternatives to traditional products, while keeping the quality criteria that let the entire production under the SIRE-TEX brand stand out. That’s how articles and furs made of recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles are developed.
Among the most innovative products in the green field stand out the recycled furs, for which the Cornuda-based company obtained the GRS certification, one of the most important international standards for responsible production in the textile sector.