Vibram, sustainability & performance

Recycling and use of alternative and natural materials. Two different ways of understanding sustainability stand out respectively in the R-UNIT and N-UNIT products signed by Vibram, two revolutionary sole+midsole projects dedicated to the lifestyle world, representing the company’s commitment in the development of green-oriented solutions, unchanged in the quality, grip and performance standards for which the brand is renowned.
The R-UNIT sole is made of Vibram Ecostep Recycle compound, the first pioneering and iconic eco-compound born in 1994, which contains up to 30% of rubber derived from production waste. Vibram Ecostep Recycle combines with the innovative Metaflex Recycle, a midsole obtained from the recycling of EVA up to 50%, with excellent cushioning and shock absorption properties during outdoor activities.
The Vibram Ecostep Natural Compound N-UNIT tread is produced with over 90% materials from sustainable and regenerable resources. 100% natural pigments color the sole, obtained by extraction from plants or through drying techniques. Vibram Ecostep Natural relies on the Metaflex Natural midsole, a DIN certified compound, with biobased components up to 85%. Versatile and very light, it is perfect for day by day use and for light trekking.
The Vibram Wrap Tech sole was also in the limelight at Lineapelle in three different versions. The rising shape that wraps the upper has a double value: to limit the production of waste and to better protect the foot on the sides of the shoe. A performing and long-lasting product, characterized by the use of the Vibram Megagrip compound, the best in class to guarantee optimal grip when dealing with wet and uneven terrain, combined with Vibram Litebase, the innovative technology designed to reduce the weight of the tread by about 30%, by reducing the rubber base by 50%, while maintaining the layout and shape of the blocks.