Leather Preview anticipates fashion: resistance will guide the Summer of 2019


Inspiramais is a starting point for the development of shoes, handbags, accessories and other fashion items. The event hall features not only those materials on designers’ current agendas, but also some of what will be on the creation tables a few seasons into the future. This anticipation of trends comes from Leather Preview, which is presented first hand at Inspiramais. In the show’s next edition, in São Paulo on July 3 and 4, the Preview will showcase all things fashionable in Summer 2019.

Inspiramais is an achievement of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Artifacts (Assintecal), with the By Brazil project and the Brazilian Leather project – developed by CICB and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil) to encourage leather exports.

In all, 15 hides were developed with an air of the hottest season of the year for 2019. Much research is employed in the task of elaborating hides with colors, textures and prints that reflect fashion trends with such anticipation. This time the central theme of Leather Preview is resistance. “We will have very lively shades, vibrant yellows, reds and blues,” says Ramon Soares, who along with Marnei Carminatti developed trends and hides alongside the 15 participating tanneries. Resistance, explains Ramon, dialogues with popular demonstrations around the world, especially regarding the participation of women in these processes. Folklore will be a sub-theme addressed in this issue of Preview, reflecting on the cultural influences of migratory movements into large urban centers.

All this rich fashion construction will initially be seen at Inspiramais and then will encircle the world with the Brazilian Leather project. So the best chance to see everything while still unprecedented is here in Brazil. Don’t miss it. Sign up for www.inspiramais.com.br.