A wide-eye on the fashion production chain.
Sustainable craftsmanship and green products, leather, accessories, components, tanning products industry and latest technology. Fashion shows, events, design. This is what our specialized magazines addressed to international trade operators deal with.

Magazines in print and online addressed to specialized buyers and industry professionals.


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World Footwear


With a long-lasting experience in the fashion accessories, leather, materials and components sector and assisted by professional experts, MPA Style operates both in the field of communication and consultancy to factories and brands looking for collections’ creation and production.

Intensive individual short courses train stylists, designers and pattern makers who want to upgrade their skills.

Our MPA Style weekly newsletter and social networks reach a wide audience by offering topical news, trend forecasts and updates on product and processing innovation.

Our We Connect service is available to our customers looking for specific skills and contacts in the leather accessories’ industry.

STYLE MODAINPELLE COMPANY guides you in the research of the best materials’ suppliers and the most prestigious manufacturing companies


Our training division originates from a long experience gained in the leather fashion sector and from 360 degree contacts with the fashion supply chain. Intensive short itinerant courses, workshops and consultancy addressed at associations or companies worldwide offer opportunities to learn or improve the profession of designer or pattern maker in the field of footwear and leather goods.

Creativity is stimulated according to certain commercial and technical parameters needed to design and construct innovative collections of quality shoes and bags.

Design courses are held individually or in groups. Practical exercises focus on the development of an own collection from a stylistic point of view through precise research methods and with particular care both from an aesthetic and a commercial point of view.

Technical courses aim to transmit the secrets of Italian manufacturing and to prepare professionals addressed to high-end companies who want to work with confidence with technicians without influencing the design project.

All courses are held from technical and design experts.

STYLE MODAINPELLE ACADEMY supports educational training in the fashion accessories area through customized technical and design courses in Italy and abroad.

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