Our training division originates from a long experience gained in the leather fashion sector and from 360 degree contacts with the fashion supply chain. Intensive short itinerant courses, workshops and consultancy addressed at associations or companies worldwide offer opportunities to learn or improve the profession of designer or pattern maker in the field of footwear and leather goods.

Creativity is stimulated according to certain commercial and technical parameters needed to design and construct innovative collections of quality shoes and bags, providing a solid basis for processing them from a technical point of view. Our goal is to introduce students to all the aspects that designers and technicians daily face at work.

Design courses are held individually or in groups. Practical exercises focus on the development of an own collection from a stylistic point of view through precise research methods and with particular care both from an aesthetic and a commercial point of view. To have an orientation on the main models and the main technical aspects, it is possible to attend a technical construction module in advance.

Technical courses aim to transmit the secrets of Italian manufacturing and to prepare professionals addressed to high-end companies. Practical lessons allow to master the development of the prototype. They are addressed to technicians who want to work with confidence without influencing the design project.

All courses are held under the constant guidance of technical and design experts.

The subjects include the following topics: understanding fashion, creativity development, research methods, professional design techniques, computerized illustration, CAD CAM, marketing, brand identity, technical aspects of making a shoe or a bag.