Accessori Val Vibrata, certified sustainability

Accessori Val Vibrata ensures the full compliance of both products and processes with the top-notch quality standards set by leading fashion brands.

In Corropoli, between the impressive Gran Sasso massif and the Adriatic Sea, Accessori Val Vibrata pays homage, through its name, to the valley bearing the same name, an area based in Teramo province and boasting both a long-standing manufacturing tradition and deep artistic-cultural vocation.

A heritage that must be safeguarded and promoted thanks to an environmental culture that brings together the natural world and human intervention. As a matter of fact, even the behaviour and the values fostered by a firm play a decisive role in supporting a truly sustainable change. The managers of the Abruzzo-based enterprise are perfectly aware of that: right from the beginning, they have been nurturing a specific concept, that is, producing beauty means respecting the surrounding environment too.

Listed among the most prominent Italian companies in the design, manufacturing and distribution of small metal accessories and components for the footwear and leatherware sectors, Accessori Val Vibrata is able to fulfill the demands of a clientele that has grown increasingly attentive to corporate behaviours sustainability-wise. “Nowadays,” explained Lorenzo Giacomozzi, “the main brands on the market require certifications for products and processes with a low environmental impact and in line with the current international regulations. The ISO 14001 certification meets said expectations and we managed to get it.”

This achievement is the result of the voluntary choice to implement a suitable management system that can monitor thoroughly the consequences of one’s activities on the territory, while striving consistently to improve the situation in a coherent, effective and, above all, sustainable way.

“Our suction systems are designed to filter the fumes spread into the atmosphere: thanks to these devices, we have almost eliminated the impact of the emissions. The wastewater filtration system is equally eco-friendly: after proper purification treatments, the water employed during the production cycle can be re-used, while specialized companies take care of waste. We have installed modern, energy-efficient, yet high-performance machinery. Last but not least, processing scraps (chips, parts of sheets) are no longer worthless waste, but a resource that can be used once again in the manufacturing cycle.”

Another example of Accessori Val Vibrata’s social commitment lies in the implementation of the SAAS 8000 (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) management system, the latter focused on working conditions. The SAAS 8000 certification aims at assessing a company’s ethical code and its responsibility when it comes to occupational safety and to workers’ rights.

“Thanks to this certification, we can prove on a global level that our firm not only complies with said conditions, but also that it can sell its product in a competitive and transparent way, unlike other competitors relying on labour exploitation.”