Accessori Val Vibrata, sustainability and development

In a world that requires more and more attention to the environment and society, Accessori Val Vibrata stands out for its attention to sustainability as a key factor of differentiation and value.

It is now evident that environmental and social sustainability goals are not only a matter of ethical responsibility, but also represent a strategic lever for the brands’ growth and competitiveness. Companies that invest in sustainability not only respond to the growing expectations of consumers and investors, but also enjoy several competitive advantages, including access to new markets, cost reductions and increased production efficiency. The past year has been a further step towards positive and sustainable growth for Accessori Val Vibrata, which is well-established as a solid and ever-evolving name in the production of high-quality metal parts. Thanks to its ability to adjust to market changes and its attention to sustainability, the company is ready to face the challenges of the future with determination and innovation, offering its customers increasingly ground-breaking products and high- quality services. Thanks to its fame on the market and its commitment to sustainability, the Teramo-based company is destined to keep on growing in the near future, due also to its compounding, which has allowed it to manage even market fluctuations with ease up till 30%, and to its ability to work with both the high and mid-range operators of the market, thus maintaining a constant work flow throughout the year, avoiding the work peaks with no turnover typical of small parts companies. We talk about it with Lorenzo Giacomozzi.
We’ve just been through a tough period, during which we have witnessed a sharp contraction in demand. Your company went against the trend and developed new projects and consolidated customers, is it true?
“The past year has been very successful for us. Our firm has made important investments in its structure, launching new machinery and cutting-edge technologies to provide a complete service to companies. Thanks to these innovations and our constant commitment to service quality, we registered a 50% growth over the previous year, confirming the positive trend of previous years. Despite the period of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we kept on growing thanks to our undisputed ability to adjust to market changes and the great attention paid to quality and efficiency. With a team of around 40 highly qualified employees and a complete range of services, Accessori Val Vibrata is ready to continue to thrive and offer innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers all over the world.”
Is this significant growth in turnover due to the clientele already acquired or to an increase in your customer base and business partners?
“We have increased our customer base by acquiring business partners in higher market segments than those served in the past. Thanks to the watchful organization and the new technologies we have developed, we are able to offer customized solutions, serving different market targets and meeting their specific needs. It is true that the demand for cheap products has dropped in the last period, leading to a decrease in the product itself, but, despite this, our specialization in the high-end range has allowed us to maintain a high level of efficiency and unceasing innovation.”
What raw materials do you use to carry out the work?
“We have introduced new technologies and machinery to work brass and we are also improving the use of steel. Although this material is more complicated to work with than others, we are set to work it and meet the specific needs of the customers who request it. In fact, steel offers unique characteristics that allow us to create different processes compared to other more commonly used materials, thus intercepting a vast range of companies with which we did not work before. This materials range development and processing techniques is an effective strategy to provide a complete and innovative service to our customers and to stand out from the competition”.
Which markets are you oriented towards, both in Italy and abroad?
“As Accessori Val Vibrata, our main market is Italy but we have an excellent presence abroad and we are working to expand further on these markets, collaborating with important foreign brands. Our attention is mainly focused on medium-high-end brands, but we are always looking for new markets and new brands, including emerging ones, that have room for growth. Our sector is vast and varied, so we try to provide our services to all companies that need them, adapting to their specific needs. This strategy allows us to keep on growing and to offer an innovative and complete service to our customers worldwide.”
What are you best known for on the market today? What is your strength?
“We can say that we are highly equipped in the design and development of new solutions and techniques for the fashion sector. We are constantly looking for new systems to solve market problems and in recent years we have developed several patents for industrial inventions, showing our ability to find innovative technical solutions. This surplus of experience and knowledge allows us to vary on different processing techniques, molding, milling and more, offering ad-hoc solutions to our customers. We are equipped with a production platform both in Italy and in China, which allows us to directly follow different local markets, directly serving customers and guaranteeing high quality at low prices. This let us to be competitive on the global market and to keep constant control over production, guaranteeing a high-quality service to our customers.”
So, can we say that you can make a well-made and cheap product and, at the same time, a very high-end article?
“Yes, that’s right. When you are able to produce high-end items, it becomes much easier to also produce items at cheaper prices because it obviously involves a reduction in the number of control steps and procedures.”
Let’s talk about sustainability: yours is a product chain, so you’re already used to working with minimal waste because you use a product that is very expensive…
“We always carefully choose all the materials we use in production, avoiding wasting any resource and minimizing the environmental impact. The metals we work have zero waste. Every processing residue is put back into the production cycle. We carefully choose both the raw and consumables materials; we take care of water usage and so on. Thanks to the filtering systems we are equipped with, we are already able to reuse water and reduce waste of resources to a bottom. As far as energy is concerned, we make use of photovoltaic systems: we are just now installing a new one which will produce about 600 kilowatts. Currently our energy needs are about 100 kilowatts; therefore, our goal is to create an energy community and redistribute the surplus energy to those in need. This is a win-win solution for both us and others, as there are incentives for both self-produced energy production and consumption. In this way, as a company, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices, investing in innovative technologies and solutions to create a more sustainable future for all.”
So let’s say that Accessori Val Vibrata has really taken the right path of sustainability…
“Absolutely! We are completely self-sustainable and have tackled last year’s exorbitant increases in energy costs thanks to our focus on sustainability and reducing energy consumption. Even if we’re not an energy-hungry company, we’ve managed to absorb the impact of these increases, unlike many other companies that have experienced a general increase in their production costs. Furthermore, thanks to our financial solidity, we have also faced a sharp increase in the costs of metals and galvanic processing, as well as other general market increases deriving from inflation. However, thanks to our attention to inner management and the search for innovative solutions, we have managed to stabilize costs and keep our competitiveness on the market. In short, as a company, we are constantly committed to keeping all our production costs under control, relying on sustainable and innovative practices and investing in cutting-edge technologies to guarantee a high quality service to our customers.”

Fabrizio, Bruno e Lorenzo Giacomozzi