Aeffe Machinery, New accessories and entry in further markets

The management of AEFFE MACHINERY, a leading company in the design and construction of professional machinery for the tanning industry located in Bientina (Pisa), is confident that uncertainty will be soon overcome and that there will be a better scenario in the post Covid.

 width=Federico Pasqualetti

“At the end of lockdown, – says the owner Federico Pasqualetti – we took over old projects set aside for lack of time and started new ones following customers’ ideas of the latest years. We have added two new accessories, which are now available for any of our products. Furthermore, we have entered new alternative markets besides the tanning sector to which we are now mostly committed with a very positive feedback. Our products have gained big interest in different sectors in the field of technical materials such as artificial leather, foams, microfiber and plastic. In fact, our ideas were very much appreciated and most of our products are now addressed to these sectors.”

On the other hand, we are concerned about the global situation both of the market and of the economy. “Unfortunately, I am not optimistic; – adds Pasqualetti – the tannery and the fashion sectors are going through bad times, markets are moving very slowly and hoping to restart soon, but my opinion this won’t happen before year 2022.”

Nevertheless, Aeffe Machinery will exhibit at Simac Tanning Tech at the end of September in Milan. “We have confirmed our participation already and we trust in its success. – concludes the owner of the Tuscan company – We need to return to normal and Tanning Tech will be a unique opportunity. I think we all need to be at the fair to exchange new ideas aimed at new products. This fair has always been the most important one and I really hope that it will represent a restart for everyone. In the last year the lack of international fairs has been a big issue, since they represent a unique opportunity to meet customers: for a small companies like ours, it is very difficult to follow up customers without fairs.”