Aletti, 75 years of history and technological innovation

Founded in 1947, ALETTI today produces a series of machines for tannery and for the buffing of flexible products known and appreciated worldwide, thanks to the direct commitment of the Aletti family, which combines a unique experience in the sector with the ability to satisfy the most demanding technical requests of a constantly and rapidly evolving market.

Machines for tannery, textile and non-woven fabrics, rubber, cork, synthetic and special materials. These are the sectors in which Aletti unceasingly designs and develops technological innovation, supported by its growing success on international markets for excellence in quality and utmost product and service reliability. Through three generations, from its birth in 1947 to present, the family business has been specializing in the design and construction of one of the most complete range of machinery for leather processing and, mostly, buffing machines for flexible products, proudly boasting the record of producing the widest range in the world. Today, the company based in Varese (Italy) looks at the future with utmost attention in terms of efficiency, sustainability and safety, allocating huge investments in research and development.
Among the best sellers stands out the ULTRABELT 3200 belt buffer, sold worldwide mainly to the most important international groups that process leather for furniture. It was a demanding project in terms of time and investment, since we had to go through many technical tests and fine-tuning both at the mechanical level and, given the high automation of the machine, at the software level. The array of belt buffing machines has recently been extended and equipped with an equally wide selection of de-dusting machines. This series is available in new models and sizes, ranging from 800 to 3400 mm, and it’s suitable for both leathers and textiles as well as for technical products, mostly focusing on the so-called ecofriendly materials, deriving from the recycling of leather, plastic, cork and other waste. The most recent project is about a special machine for high precision grinding, usable on any type of flexible material that requires a uniform thickness, ranging between +/- 0.01 mm.
Where once it was possible to use buffing machines derived from the models used in the tannery, with appropriate modifications, the market has been requiring for several years machines designed and made precisely for the needs of increasingly innovative and rapidly evolving products. Customers are looking for machines with superior performance and great flexibility, made with different degrees of automation, easy and safe to use, even by non-specialized operators. In line with the company philosophy always aimed at seeking innovative solutions, new buffing technologies are also being patented in order to introduce even higher standards of quality and productivity and keep a technological advantage in the sector, as it was in the past with the belt buffing machine, for fifty years exclusive to Aletti, which has now become the reference point also for tannery machines manufacturers who want to keep up with the times.