Aletti, 75 years celebrated with a new belt buffing machine

At Tanning Tech, Aletti, a leader in the manufacturing of highly technological machinery valued and requested in many sectors, presented the first model of a new range

75 years of history celebrated with a giant billboard hanging in the stand at Tanning Tech in Milan, where a new belt buffing was showcased. In this way, Aletti Giovanni & figli, a historic company in the tanning sector headquartered in Varese, has decided to honor such an important milestone. The company’s high-tech machinery is also requested in the textile, microfiber, rubber, cork and synthetic sectors.

“It all began in 1947, two years after the end of the Second World War – says the president Marco Aletti, son of the founder – when my father started the business. Italy was still partially destroyed, but who had the ideas and initiative found a market ready to restart, despite difficulties and obstacles. The first Aletti machine assembled in the year of its foundation was a small buffing, model 250, built in my grandfather’s cellar. After learning that several tanneries were headquartered in the district of Vicenza, my father faced a 250 km-journey, aboard a “Lambretta” motorcycle, just to bring and show those companies the machines’ drawings. That journey, which lasted 6-7 hours and as many on the way back, made it possible to sell the first machine, which was transported to Veneto aboard a gravel truck engaged in clearing the rubble. Until the 1970s Varese housed a district of tanneries, shoe factories and suitcases, which have largely disappeared: in three quarters of a century, we have managed to survive so we must have done something good.”

Marco Aletti

Marco Aletti

The balance of the 2022 edition of the Show was not fully satisfactory, but engineer Aletti nonetheless expresses confidence for the future. “Several foreign customers couldn’t attend, especially those from Asia and Africa: to be honest, some managed to come but we are far from the figures we registered before 2020. Fortunately, Aletti works in many markets, beyond the tanning one; therefore, we have a lot of work and orders will keep us busy” “for much of 2023. For the rest, an international fair like this represents an important showcase also for those companies, like ours, which work a lot with foreigners. In 2019 the export share had reached 99.3%, the following year it was over 90%, while in the two-year period 2021-2022 we are still above 70%, because we have enhanced the operations in Italy thanks to Industry 4.0 benefits.”

The winning move of the Lombardy-based company was to invest huge resources in the development of special machines, abandoning other models where no further developments could be possible. “Before we had a much wider range of machines – concludes the president Aletti – which included shaving machines, fleshing machines and sammying machines, while in recent years we have focused on belt buffing machines. Thanks to the experience gained in other sectors we have greatly improved the latter, treated as a “black swan” before: now, instead, it is in great demand, because everybody realized that it features considerable advantages. We boast a complete and updated range of belt buffing machines, from 800 to 3300 mm, for all sectors, and we are developing new projects, a secret to remain competitive. The machine on display is called SNX, it’s a buffing machine for tanneries characterized by patented technical features – progressively, also those for other sectors will be equipped with the same technology. Seen from the outside, the SNX resembles the previous buffing machine, but the contents, in terms of both technical features and easy to use, are definitely superior. In fact, Aletti favors substance over aesthetics. By focusing on customization, according to customer needs and producing special machines, we are able to provide prompt and effective solutions on any type of product, thanks to over 20 different versions of buffing machines. Along with the belt buffing machines, other complementary machines have also been developed, such as dedusting machines, and special accessories, with different and progressive lev ls of automation. Our strength is that we are a fairly small, flexible company.”

Aletti smerigliatrice a nastro SNX

The SNX belt buffing machine at Simac Tanning Tech 2022

Aletti stand simac tanning tech 2022

The booth of Aletti Giovanni & figli at Simac Tanning Tech 2022