Aletti, Three new projects in the buffing machine sector

Aletti Giovanni & figli
Aletti has long been recognized for its role as a specialist and world leader in buffing machines. And a lot of work has been done in this field in the last 15 months.

The slowdown of the pandemic and a market that, albeit with difficulty, is rising again, let the company ALETTI GIOVANNI & FIGLI be confident about the future. The firm, based in Varese, was founded in 1947 and thanks to its 74 years of experience it outstands among the leaders of cuttingedge machinery manufacturers, renowned not only in the tanning field but also in the textile, rubber, cork and synthetic sectors.

Ezio Carlo e Marco Aletti

“Despite the pandemic, – explains engineer Marco Aletti, at the helm of the company as president and technical manager – 2020 was a positive year for our company. With regards to research and development, we have launched three major innovative projects in the field of buffing, also resorting to specialist consultancy and filing several patent applications. We are ready to restart in the Italian and foreign market, offering new proposals that we are sure will be successful.”

Some concern comes from the rather chaotic trend of the market. “From our point of view – he adds – 2021 market suffers the effects of the pandemic even more than in 2020. Thanks to the considerable diversification of our reference markets and the high specialization of our machines, the prospects are still stable, despite the significant increases of raw materials costs, that will inevitably let us all be less competitive.”

Aletti Giovanni & Figli has already applied for the next edition of Simac Tanning Tech, scheduled from 22 to 24 September. “More than the lack of international fairs, in these 15 months we have been penalized by travel restrictions, that prevented our technicians’ to leave; we could partially overcome this issue by the use of new remote connection technologies. We will participate in the next Tanning Tech even if we do not foresee a large number of foreign visitors, due to the still significant travel limitations, especially for those countries that mean the most to us. We hope that in 4 months the pandemic, thanks to vaccination campaigns, will be improved.”