Alteray, the wow effect under the light

“We are starting to reap the benefits of the time invested and the hard work carried out before the Covid breakout,” said Sergio Biasiotto. “Especially in recent months, a little at a time, the sampling has become orders, we are reorganizing the production processes by increasing partnerships with subcontractors in the luxury supply chain, the prices of Alteray® technology have now been accepted. In short, we have broken the ice, overcome the initial mistrust and now the project is moving forward. After applying the photochromic and luminescent pigments directly to the yarns, we have also developed and fine-tuned the thermosensitive reaction, where the color is able to change according to the variation of the detected temperature, bringing to light the underlying design in a surprising way “.
The start-up Alteray®, a branch of Gruppo Biasiotto, has developed an all-Italian technology, conceived to play, under the light, with the colours of leathers, fabrics and other materials. This technology Alteray® is the result of a water-based mixture and metal-free pigments, that successfully passed the strictest technological, analytical and eco-toxicological tests. A feat awarded with the REACH certification (EC 1907/2006), thus confirming the product’s complete sustainability and non-toxic properties. Depending on the materials, the application tools are endless: it is possible to turn to the precision of silk-screen printing, to choose the airbrushing effect, or to use it directly on cotton, silk, linen and polyester yarns. This technology allows to manufacture masters that are compatible with the injection moulding of PU, TPU, rubber, EVA and polyurethane resins. Protected by a patent, Alteray® technology features a 24-month warranty in case of normal usage conditions and with a washing temperature inferior to 90°C.