Alteray technology, the amazing made-in-Italy craft

One sample after another, fair after fair, Alteray technology in all its facets is now reaping the fruits of the time invested in R&D, carried out to create the so called ‘wow effect’ according to the requirements needed by the luxury supply chain. Photochromic, luminescent, thermosensitive, holographic: the colors vary according to the incidence of light, they glow in the dark, they transform when the temperature variations or they change according to the point of view. The innovative pigment allows the application materials (such as fabrics, yarns, leathers, PU, TPU, rubber, EVA, polyurethane resins) to change color under the UV rays, in a completely eco-sustainable way. The patented Alteray technology is entirely made in Italy and comes from a water-based solvent-free and metal-free mixture, which has passed the strictest technological and eco-toxicological tests, achieving the Reach requirements (CE 1907/2006).
“Other innovations are underway, the potential of this technology is huge – Sergio Biasiotto states at the latest edition of Lineapelle -, but we must give customers time to metabolize the results already obtained and tested through the most widespread application techniques.”


Sergio Biasiotto