Antoniana Minuterie: precision small parts serving manufacturing and fashion

Fashion, work&safety, sport, trekking, outdoor and public safety are the sectors in which Antoniana Minuterie has successfully operated since 1976.

From automotive to household appliances, from footwear to leather goods: the precision small parts of Antoniana Minuterie, a company based in Albignasego, near Padua, are leaders in a variety of industrial sectors. With almost 50 years of history under its belt, the company holds a great experience in the production of standard and custom metal components, manufactured with advanced technologies and rigorous quality controls. The wide range of products includes hooks, grommets, buckles, eyelets, washers and rivets, all of which can be customised to the specific needs of the client. The company offers a complete service, from design through prototyping to mass production, guaranteeing flexibility and rapid response for different application sectors. The use of high quality materials and attention to detail guarantee maximum reliability and durability of its creations. In addition to the Italian market, the company exports its products worldwide, thanks to a consolidated sales network and a team of experts able to support clients at every stage of the purchasing process. The company stands out for its corporate philosophy based on client focus, product quality and environmental sustainability. With its dedication to work and its constant search for innovation, this company represents Italian excellence in the precision small parts sector, a reliable partner for companies looking for efficient and customised solutions. We speak about the company with Michela Mercanti, Marketing Manager of Antoniana Minuterie.
What are your plans for the future? Are you planning to launch new products or expand your business into new markets?
“In the current uncertain market context, our company has decided to consolidate its successes by focusing on the products that have made us leaders in the industry. We are therefore reconfirming our range of ‘workhorses’, the continuous items that have been appreciated by our clients for years for their reliability and high quality. Aware of the challenges that the market presents us with, we have adopted a conservative strategy that will allow us to strengthen our position and face future developments with serenity. We firmly believe in the strength of our products and the solidity of our team, and we are ready to seize the new opportunities that will arise.”
What are your goals for 2024?
“Of course, the global economic situation is not the best, and this has also had an impact on our industry. However, our company has an established history and solid foundations that allow us to face the challenges of the moment with serenity. Despite the difficulties, we look to the future with confidence and optimism. We are hopeful that the world economy will recover soon and that 2024 will be a prosperous year for everyone. In the meantime, we focus on strengthening our market position and offering top-quality products and services to our clients. As a tertiary supplier, we are aware that we are the end of the chain, but this does not prevent us from being proactive and looking for new opportunities for growth. We are confident that the recovery of consumer purchasing power will translate into increased orders and growth of our business.”
How do you deal with the challenges the market is presenting you today?
“In a highly competitive market like ours, differentiation is key. For this reason, our company focuses on two key aspects: product quality and service excellence. We offer only the highest quality products, made with the best materials and the most advanced technologies. In addition, we provide our clients with an all-round service, accompanying them every step of the way, from the study of a particular hook for their shoe to the delivery of the finished product. Our technical office is able to support the client throughout this process, offering highly qualified advice and assistance. We know that price is an important factor for many clients, but we are convinced that quality and service are even more important. For this reason, we do not just offer competitively priced products, but try to create added value for our clients that goes beyond just price.”
What are you focusing on most to create increased added value?
“We believe that speed of response and personalisation of service are two key aspects for customer loyalty. We have the time and resources to dedicate ourselves to each individual client and all the details of their order. Our efficient and effective staff is ready to provide impeccable service and build lasting relationships with our partners and clients. We believe that attention to detail, both in the product and in the client relationship, can make all the difference in the competitive marketplace of today.”