Antoniana Minuterie: high performing fastening solutions

Small metal parts are often overlooked, but they play a crucial role in the safety footwear industry. The choice of appropriate materials and high-quality production process of small parts can define the difference between safety footwear that lasts over time and those that deteriorate quickly.
In an environment where protection is paramount, every detail counts, and small metal parts are a key component to ensure top performance and protection. Investing in high-quality metal parts is a necessary step to ensure that footwear maintains high standards of safety and durability. Antoniana Minuterie’s experience at the service of the safety sector stands out into a wide range of hooks, eyelets, buckles, rings and special high quality, reliable hooks, manufactured both in metallic material and in Zamak alloy and plastic; the wide array of finishes, made with utmost care, guarantees the best technical-functional and aesthetic features expected by the customer.
Among the products in the Safety range, the quick-release hooks also stand out; beyond meeting safety standards, thery’re also aesthetically appealing and colorful. They are among the best performing systems in the sector, they comply with the European Standard UNI EN ISO 20345 and can be used for class SB, S1, S2, S3 safety footwear.
The main features are:
– Tensile strength over 700 Newtons – Ergonomic and exclusive design
– Anti-wear material
– Rivet application
– Possibility of different colors
– Customization with logos or brands – International Patent
– Antoniana Minuterie Exclusive