Arpex Textiles, goal: Industry 4.0 – spotted at Lineapelle

The best way is product and process innovation. This is the task of Arpex Textiles, whose eco-friendly philosophy is linked to the pursuit of quality and attention to the customer

At Lineapelle, Arpex Textiles put on display its rich collection of textile accessories, laces and ribbons for fashion and safety footwear. The family-run company, respecting the tradition rooted in the territory, has been able to innovate over time, embracing the evolution of products and processes made necessary by an increasingly demanding and competitive market. The Barletta- based company founded by Aldo Musti, and today flanked by his sons Valentina and Giuseppe, looks to the future by investing in technology, quality and service.
Aldo Musti, why did you choose to get the ISO 9001 certification?
“Well, our company had already achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2001. At the time it was mandatory: our customers wanted to rely on certified suppliers to be sure that the products were in line with certain specifications and that all phases relating their manufacturing were traceable and verifiable. Over the years, we have kept a strategic line aimed at the progressive improvement of the company and the constant optimization of the organizational structure in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We work only on order and everything we produce goes through a double quality check. After twenty years we felt the need to ascertain that our process was still compliant to ISO 9001 standards, so in 2021 we underwent a review of the Quality Management System which confirmed the validity of proven methods.”
What are the news, also in terms of sustainability?
“The main news after this dark period is to be back to our work. While the research focuses on the use of both organic (mainly cotton) and recycled (blended or polyester) yarns that meet the requirements of the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification, on the other we are trying to support the company keeping up with innovation.”
The footwear market has experienced a very important decline. How did you manage to counter the consequences?
“Thanks to unceasing investments in research and development. Even if the figures are not encouraging, our customers are hungry for fashion, for innovation. We are very busy giving them what they are looking for. Because we believe in what we do. We need to free ourselves from the fears of the past and look forward. We are trying to diversify and approach new sectors in addition to footwear.”
Are you also investing in process innovation?
“We have enlarged the machine range, adding new systems that comply with Industry 4.0 regulations. This has allowed us to complete the product range, aiming at satisfying our customers at best.”
On what else did you focus on?
“We have focused on customer service now more than before. The service sets us apart, it brings us closer to our customers, making them stave off from China allure. It is necessary to guarantee prompt times and transparent procedures and show to be useful even when it’s not possible to meet a request.”

Arpex Textiles’ stand at the latest edition of Lineapelle