Versatile machines are the future – Bergi Starlux SV

The Starlux SV is a special ironing and/or embossing machine recently added to Bergi S.p.A.’s wide range of machinery.

It is equipped with the well-established automatic roller changing system with the “revolver” device, but the real feature that makes it unique is the built-in “Vario” system, which allows you to vary the geometry of the machine.
The ‘Vario’ system allows you to change the angle of contact between the leather and the operative roller and, depending on the angle chosen, the leather can remain in contact with the roller for less or more time. Depending on the time for which the leather remains in contact with the operative roller, different results will be obtained, for example, a longer contact time allows a more homogeneous ironing while keeping the leather soft, all while decreasing the working pressure.
This machine, thanks to the combination of its special functions with the ‘Vario’ system, lends itself very well in terms of versatility.
Leaving aside for a moment the applications of the ‘Vario’ system, this machine has the possibility of ironing leathers both by pressure and thickness. Thickness ironing is done thanks to the motorised operating roller that follows the direction of the leather, making the process much gentler; in this way, soft leathers are not compacted while maintaining their characteristics intact and, more generally, thickness ironing allows only the surface of the leather to be stressed.
The special feature of the Starlux SV is the possibility of using all of the above characteristics at the same time, thus deciding at the same time, for example, to work with a longer contact time while setting the thickness mode. The customer thus has at his disposal a machine that allows him a wide range of different processing and to respond adequately to market demands.
The Bergi team is available to provide further information.