Bibo, the new, fully-automatic stamping machines to be launched at Simac

Technology, innovation, expertise. Headquartered in Vigevano, BIBO, acknowledged as one of the pioneers, both in Italy and on a global scale, as far as the design and production of machines for the leatherware sector are concerned, was established in 1974, Gianfranco Biffignandi’s brainchild: his well-established experience acquired in engineering contexts lies at the core of automatisms that have actively contributed to the Vigevano-based company’s international success. From the first manual machines used for dyeing, cutting, pasting and punching, Bibo has been specializing in the development of fully automatic plants and systems, conceived for the leatherware industry. Always at the forefront when it comes technological innovation, it has managed to gain a strong foothold in the market by providing cutting-edge technologies designed to guarantee top-quality end articles, to optimize the production cycle and to facilitate the operator’s task.
Thanks to this innovative drive, BIBO has been able to overcome the last two years, afflicted by a sharp market slowdown caused by the pandemic. The company is going through a period of strong growth and is getting prepared to launch on the market a series of innovations to be previewed at Simac Tanning Tech. Among these, two machines designed to implement and further facilitate the work of operators. Specifically, these are two types of stamping machines, designed to meet the different needs of the market.
The first, the stamping machine SP/3R, is equipped with a rotary table and it’s particularly suitable for all mass-production for large orders, such as insoles and labels. This machine speeds up and increases productivity thanks to the innovative rotary table, which allows the operator to load the new pieces to be processed while the machine is completing the previous one. Equipped with 4.0 technology, this stamping machine allows digital measurement of products; the data thus remain in memory to be recalled if necessary.
Another news is for the fully automatic SP/3CMR – MT stamping machine – even the adjustment of the printing depth is digitally programmed. Thanks to a cutting-edge but easy-to-use software, each machine is able to record, manage and digitally transmit the production data, which, remaining stored on the network, can be used 24/7, from all over the world.
All the projects, often featuring customized solutions, are carried out by working in close contact with the most renowned fashion houses, especially with luxury brands. A collaboration-driven bond that nurtures a huge experience, that has become, for all the industry professionals, a byword for reliability and top-notch quality standards, in full compliance with the current safety regulations and according sustainability ethics.

Bibo’s headquarters in Vigevano