Blitz Positano, Tradition joins modernity

Wearable masterpieces, made with artisan passion. Inspired by the renowned tradition of Positano, byword for tradition and unique creativity, for forty years the Blitz Positano brand has been handcrafting extremely beautiful garments, suitable for a bold and feminine woman who loves both comfort and elegance

Born in the early eighties as a small artisan shop, the Blitz Positano brand is now a well-established company, one of the most successful in the sector of embroidered fabric, whose name is widespread especially in the European seaside cities, but also in America and Arabic countries.
Understanding customer needs and interpreting market trends well in advance compared to competitors, but also being flexible towards the clients while keeping high quality standards in all production stages, has ensured the company to be well-appreciated for the beauty, quality and Italian craftsmanship of its products thus getting renowned internationally.
Marianna Rispoli, part of the second generation of this family business, is currently at the helm of the company together with her sister Fabiana. She told us the secrets of such a success.
Marianna Rispoli, when and how was the Blitz Positano brand born?
At the end of the 1970s my parents opened a modest women’s clothing workshop, drawing inspiration from the past and therefore making use of light gauze fabrics, lace and Neo-Romantic laces in neutral and earthy shades. Following the widespread success, the workshop has grown and evolved, becoming what it is today an internationally consolidated business. Obviously, the style of each garment has also evolved, adjusting to the new and different needs of fashion, but always according to the taste that differentiates Positano fashion in the world.
Our collections, only focusing on summer, are mainly intended for women, albeit we have recently developed some men’s lines.
How do you develop your creations?
My sister Fabiana, after studying design in Milan for some time, began to deal with the stylistic part of each collection, personally taking care of every detail. Our lines are strongly linked to traditions but reflect the contemporary trends of the modern woman, combining elegance, taste and elegance in full respect of the Italian crafts.
The production takes place within our company; we rely on about ten employees and on several laboratories located in the Positano area, which work with natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk.
So, are the garments handcrafted?
Absolutely. Just to mention, the linen we use in our creations is completely loom woven in Italy, while the precious embroideries are made exclusively by native embroiderers. We care a lot about this aspect because attention to detail and quality have always been two essential aspects for my family, real added values that characterizes our garments. For this reason, our company has limited production and each dress is made by the expert hands of our seamstresses: wearing a Blitz dress means wearing something unique and original, designed and made entirely in Italy, with finest linen yarns, floral prints and macrame lace.
How did you manage to establish yourself on international markets?
For generations our company has been constantly growing and increasingly renowned around the world. We have certainly succeeded thanks to our passion and our product: “handmade in Italy” is a label that is very much appreciated abroad, and our clothes are the most refined byword of it. Over the years, we have chosen well consolidated trade shows, including White, Tranoi, Who’s Next, as a showcase for our collections, and the feedback has been definitely positive: today we rank customers not only throughout our peninsula, but also in the Mediterranean basin – as in Spain and Greece – in many Arab countries and even the United States and the Caribbean. In the coming years we plan to better explore the Asian market, as we believe it has great potential.

Blitz Positano