By Mora, the post-pandemic recovery focuses on luxury

The By Mora group, born in the late nineties on the foundations of the family business founded by father Gianfranco, faces the crisis with a wealth of ideas, launching a new collection that overcomes difficult times.
For her and for him. Elegant, emblematic, exclusive. Luxury for the most special tastes and occasions. By Mora buckles, featuring unique and original creative shapes and designs, are back to illuminate the pages of our magazine, to thrill just as a high-end jewel.
Despite the uncertainties and mistrust caused by the pandemic, the strength of By Mora creations is well-established, defining new boundaries, raising the bar again. For quality and beauty. Gianfranco Mora, owner with his brother Battista of the Italian brand By Mora Accessories International, launches a new collection that evokes memories, sensations, passions. Conceived and designed for an increasingly selective and attentive target.
Gianfranco Mora, how has the company faced the pandemic?
Despite the obvious difficulties that have hit our sector, the company has withstood the shock wave and found the energy needed to get up, move forward and invest in the product, creating something unique and even more exclusive. The commitment we made in these last difficult, very difficult eighteen months, shows how much we believe in the future, even if the economic situation is still facing ups and downs – this lets me believe that a real restart will not occur before 2023.
Thanks also to our stable and deep roots, we did not lose heart: the period “poor” of orders led us to develop new concepts and new creative ideas. We can only be happy with what we have managed to achieve. The next few months will not be simple, but certainly not worse than those we experience so far. In short, let’s try to be cautiously optimistic.
What are the features that identify your new collection?
We are launching a totally innovative collection regarding the type of article. We have moved towards an even higher segment, trying to highlight the strengths that have always characterized our brand, such as knowing how to invest in the creation of something truly unique and incredible, beautiful and qualitatively high. The new line of buckles is based on proposals that combine noble and precious materials, but different and distant from each other. For example, silver coated with real mother of pearl through a particular technique. Something never seen before, intended for an increasingly demanding clientele in terms of style and uniqueness.
What is the reason for the decision not to attend Lineapelle?
We have decided not to participate in the next edition of Lineapelle because we are preparing the “super launch” of this new collection. However, we promote our company through an advertising campaign that makes the product speak. We are giving some sneak peeks, on our website, where some items are already on sale. We will set up a presentation in grand style in February 2022.
How is your e-commerce website going?
We inaugurated it last February and it is now fully operational. It is bearing its first fruits; we are focusing a lot on strengthening the By Mora brand, fostering the long-term experience gained internationally to keep on creating exclusivity for even more niche products.

Gianfranco Mora, owner and creative director of the brand By Mora

By Mora buckles: as precious as jewelry, they interpret nature that surrounds us in an exclusive way