Cim Italy, sustainable metal micro-parts

“CIM Cycle” is the new specialized protocol for the company’s core business, born from the research and development of CIM Italy in the galvanic field

CIM Italy, a company specialized in the production and marketing of metal micro-small parts for the fashion sector, has invested in research and development in the galvanic field for the development of the so-called “CIM cycle”, a highly specialized protocol designed for the company’s core business: sheared brass studs and rivets.

“All the brands have developed their own specifications regarding the treatment of their hardware – explains the owner Stefano Innocenti – but applying them to small components produced on a large scale would be economically very burdensome. To overcome this problem, CIM Italy has developed ad hoc galvanic cycles that faithfully replicate the typical and recognizable finishes of the brands at lower prices, without giving up on the quality of the final product. To be validated, each accessory must pass the chemical- physical tests prepared by the brands themselves. A seal of absolute guarantee.”

The CIM cycle therefore makes the production of small metal micro-parts sustainable in large numbers, opening a new path for the world of fashion, luxury and beyond.

Stefano Innocenti

CIM applications with small metal parts