Comelz, strategies in the Covid-19 era

Comelz is renowned worldwide for its ability to innovate and rethink the cutting and shaping of leather and textiles.

“Since the beginning of 2020, the world economy has been hit by a meteorite, Covid-19. Travels have been banned. Comelz’s corporate mission is to live next to its customers day by day. Keeping this long-term goal in mind – says Alex Corsico, CEO of Comelz – the company has redirected its activities, aiming at improvements that will be appreciated once the recovery has taken place.”
The Vigevano-based company has reviewed the well-structured internal production processes, in order to make them more and more efficient: “It is an essential action considering that we produce almost all of our machines’ components in-house.” New drive has been given to the training plan for workers’ skills. Research in terms of software and machine development was strengthened, interaction was improved both between departments, in order to increase reaction times and make the company more efficient, and with colleagues around the world: “We took advantage of this period to train all the people who collaborate with us – continues Corsico – also using the means that the pandemic has made famous, such as video tutorials and video conferences. The time taken away from the travels of our operators was used to debug and further refine the Comelz product line, also involving key customers. We are particularly happy to have invested in the development of new software to directly support the smart collaboration between Comelz machines and the production processes of our customers. All the best company resources have been diverted to these research and development projects.”

Alex Corsico, ceo Comelz

Alex Corsico, CEO Comelz