Conceria Nuvolari, creative, sustainable leathers

Conceria Nuvolari innovates fashion by combining creativity and sustainability in the production of one-of-a-kind leathers

Fashion and technology meet in the Nature-L® line and in the Graphene Leather® line by Conceria Nuvolari, one of the most renowned Italian companies for research and innovation. This company, guided by the passion and dedication of Sara Santori and the Nuvolari family, has always been the bearer of an innovative and sustainable attitude, so much that it is considered a point of reference at an international level. The new Nature-L® line represents the evolution of the Italian artisan tradition, virtuously combining technology and sustainability. As a matter of fact, this line is metal-free (new upgrade to metal free plus – 500 mg/Kg), durable, biodegradable, compostable, carbon neutral and bisphenol free, according to recent regulations, guaranteeing a high- quality product. But the real news is represented by the Graphene Leather® line, which uses graphene as the main material. This material, known for its high strength and durability, has been integrated into the leather processing, creating a unique, innovative and patented product. Thanks to its atomic structure, graphene is able to improve the properties of the leathers used in the production of footwear, bags and accessories, ensuring greater resistance to wear, longer life and 99.99% antibacterial properties. This attention to the environment, combined with artisan excellence and stylistic creativity, make these products unique and innovative, and represents the beginning of a new era in leather processing. Sara Santori has played a crucial role in the development of both lines since 2015. Her passion for fashion and technology has led her to create products that are at the forefront of technology and sustainability. And, thanks to her creativity and her technical knowledge, she has helped to create products that represent a turning point in leather processing, showing that innovation and sustainability are not just empty words, but can become a concrete and tangible truth. In a world where the environment is increasingly fragile and fashion is often associated with unsustainable production processes, Sara Santori has proved that it is possible to create high quality, sustainable and innovative products, which together can lead to extraordinary results.
How do you combine creativity and sustainability in your latest products presented at the fair?
“For the latest edition of Lineapelle, we have enriched our offer with a new article, previewed in September 2022 and now industrialized for clothing, footwear and leather goods. We have increased our metal-free, biodegradable, compostable and carbon neutral Nature-L® line, introducing ‘Aviator’, for the winter 2024 collections”.
What are the main features of Aviator?
“The main feature of this article is its shine and soft touch, which is biodegradable, compostable and carbon neutral. Furthermore, we have developed a variation of this product, called Gun Washed, which has a slightly different color due to the washing process it is subjected to. This treatment is similar to the stone wash and is always part of the line Nature-L®”.
Do you still have more surprises for us, right?
“Certainly, as far as the most fashionable products are concerned, we have launched three new effects, developed in a vast range of colours: laminate, satin and iridescent. Laminates are made just to get a shiny and mirrored effect; the variant called Satin is printed and it’s very pleasant to the touch; Iride (iris, in English) which, as the name suggests, creates a play of colors and shades on leather that changing depending on the angle of the light. This peculiarity makes this type of leather an ideal choice for creating accessories and clothing that attract attention and stand out from the others. Finally, the Nature-l® and Graphene Leather® lines have been selected as special items in the leather trend area of this edition.”
Did you get any interesting input during the fair? Are there any new projects or ideas that you are already considering for the future?
“During the fair, we received great appreciation for our products in general and, in particular, for the classic trend line the laminate, the iridescent effect as well as for the sustainable lines Aviator and Gun Washed. We are convinced that the combination of innovation, sustainability and design is the key to success in the world of fashion and the leather industry, and we will keep on pursuing this goal with passion and dedication. We invite you to deepen our sustainability mission in the second Report to be released in June 2023.”

The leathers of the Nature-l® and Graphene Leather® lines, selected as special items in the leather trend area at the latest edition of Lineapelle