Cos.t.a, restarting from the Fair with new patents

 width=COS.T.A. is among the leaders in the design, construction and installation of lines and complete systems for special processing, including – in addition to coating – embossing, printing, coagulation, lamination and finishing of crust and leathers.

The stop of world markets following the pandemic involved even COS.T.A., headquartered in Montebello Vicentino (in the leather district of Arzignano), a leading company in the development of high-tech machinery for the processing of a wide material range, designed to meet all the requests, even the most demanding, of Italian and international customers.

Mariano Rovetti

“The pandemic spared no company in the sector – told us in mid-May Mariano Rovetti, one of the four founding partners of Cos.T.A. (acronym of Construction for Advanced Technologies) – especially those that produce tannery machines, because in the last 15 months, and even now, entrepreneurs, according to to the lower amount of work, prefer to work with the existing equipment. To have an effective recovery, it is necessary to restart consumption. This has not yet occurred: in the last year something has moved on in the furniture sector, while the automotive and leather goods have suffered considerably, especially for those items, such as women’s shoes and bags, which were unsold.”

The main and most awaited event of this year will be the international Simac Tanning Tech exhibition from 22 to 24 September at the Milan Fair. “Our intention is to attend alone – specifies Rovetti – but maybe we will share an area with other companies, thus reducing costs and bypassing issues regarding the big space our very large machines need. As a matter of fact, our aim is to display our innovations, in particular new patents and important changes in a couple of models, resulting from the R&D work carried out during the lockdown. Our technical team is made up of six professionals, who have been very busy, despite the market still standing still. Our technicians didn’t travel out of Europe, due to quarantine obligations; moreover, our staff had to be available for our in-house activity.”