Dami “changes skin” with green materials

The Marche-based company boosts the ecological transition and launches new increasingly eco-sustainable products for the production of footwear soles

Shaping the change on the material of the future. Embracing transition and responsibly choosing to face the challenges of our age, grasping and feeling the transformations. An ambitious vision that Dami, a manufacturer of footwear bottoms at the forefront of the green economy, has been embodying for years.
After giving life to the ground-breaking customized production thanks to the use of interactive technologies at the service of each customer’s desires through the web portal, Dami “changes skin” by introducing more and more green materials into its collections. Like the bottoms made with a high-performance flexible foam, that is, a bioplastic material deriving from excess microalgae, a component that can switch the phenomenon of algal proliferation (Bloom) from a problem into an opportunity. Another eco- friendly solution is the Liquid Wood, namely pure lignin or mixed with natural fibers in variable quantities according to use, which guarantees excellent environmental performance compared to other polymers.
Suitable for the mobile trajectories of the wearer is PA2200 Polyamide 12, a 3D printed fabric prototype made by Dami. The texture realls snake skin, as is the flexibility and resistance. The structure features strength, hardness, biocompatibility, is customizable in a wide range of shapes and sizes and is completely skin contact.
The idea of a model of society on the move capable of transitioning towards responsible development also stands out in the Dami FW 2023/2024 collection, which suggests a return to city style and street fashion, trends arising directly from social changes, conveyed, over the decades, by citizens who were curious and focused on the new styles that today are back in the limelight for multiple identities, yet aware of the same common path.


Elisabetta Pieragostini CEO di DAMI

Elisabetta Pieragostini DAMI’s CEO