DAMI toward a sustainable and fair future through green innovation

Italian excellence is expressed in the production of the highest quality footwear, characterized by innovation, design and sustainability

In the world of the Italian footwear industry, few companies can boast a success story like that of DAMI. Founded back in 1968, the company has been able to adapt to the changing needs of the market, always faithful to its fundamental principles of quality, reliability and customer care. DAMI never stands still: innovation is the primary objective of the company, which constantly researches sustainable and eco- friendly materials to ensure the highest quality products. The creativity of DLAB, the in-house creativity of the company, expresses itself in experimenting with materials and testing styles that characterize the sustainability, design and functionality of soles. Thanks to state-of- the-art 3D printers, the Marche company customizes bottoms and produces any shape, size and color of sole on demand, giving free rein to the creativity of the style offices. Traditional prototyping is simplified and time is significantly reduced. Organizational and technological innovation combine with design to create products of unparalleled quality. In addition to technological innovation, the company has also introduced the Lean methodology into the production process and improved the organization of the company, involving people and improving the internal climate. The goal is to create an increasingly sustainable company, where attention to the environment and the well-being of people is at the center of every decision. As the Administrator, Elisabetta Pieragostini, tells us, DAMI is ready to walk into the future, facing with enthusiasm the new challenges that the market offers.
What new developments have you presented at Lineapelle this year?
“ 2024 is emerging as the year of artificial intelligence and color, in line with market trends. Research and development have led to the creation of innovative products made with the use of 3D printers and artificial intelligence. The result is a mix of technology, creativity and color, which characterizes the new spring summer 2024 collection of the company. In this way we continue to look to the future, ready to face new challenges and seize the opportunities that the market offers, without ever losing sight of quality and customer focus.”
What materials do you use in 3D printers?
“Currently, we mainly use TPU and PA, a polyamide that can also be used in contact with skin. Thanks to these materials, the company has made a wide range of products, including bracelets, earrings, necklace pendants, textiles, inserts, bags and lamps. The constant search for new types of materials or increasingly high-performance materials, including green and organic materials, is another focus of the company. Among the innovations presented this year are green materials, such as Bloom, a material with a higher concentration of seaweed, and an LCA-certified material with 50 percent sugarcane. The focus on sustainability is combined with the search for new materials to give a renewed impulse to production. As for the collection, the 2022 innovation saw DAMI invest in traditional tricolor machinery to meet the growing customer demand for tricolor soles.
The collection therefore focused on this trend, presenting, alongside the classic, sandals, moccasins, but also an absolute first for our company: slides.”
What was the motivation that prompted DAMI to make slides for the first time? Was it mainly a response to growing market demand or a strategic investment by the company?
“The previous year we collaborated with a number of brands to make slides, taking cues from market trends. This led the company to decide to make an all-Eva slide for the first time, with the possibility of customizing the top band. In fact, we offer several options for the band, including TPU, which can be customized to the client liking. The goal is to offer a high-quality finished product that meets customer needs and always maintains innovation and sustainability at its core.”
In your opinion, what is the future of sustainability? Is it possible to achieve production with 100% organic materials?
“Sustainability is a very important and relevant topic, which generates great curiosity and demand for more and more environmentally friendly and certified materials. Although we are still far away at the moment, I think that in the future we will increasingly move in this direction, because the most attentive companies know that sustainability is a path that involves the organization of the company and the manufacturing of its products. As DAMI, we are putting a lot of effort into 360-degree sustainability, gaining certifications, using eco-friendly materials and making a sustainability report. The goal
for this year is to focus on carbon footprint, as we produce plastic materials and want to give something back to the environment. This commitment will lead us toward an increasingly green and sustainable future, both at the product and organizational level. I believe that every company must take this path to help the environment and future generations, as sustainability is critical for our planet. Although there is still a long way to go, I am sure that in time we will get to the point where we can produce 100 percent organic materials and ensure a more sustainable future for everyone.”
When did you become a Benefit Society?
“In December 2022, DAMI prepared the 2021 sustainability report and certified itself according to ISO 56.002. This standard is an international guide for innovation, defining guidelines for implementing an innovation management system in an organization. It provides a framework for managing innovation effectively, helping companies identify opportunities for innovation, develop new ideas and implement innovative solutions. Today there are 171 of us, but the goal is to reach at least 800 certified companies by 2026, as it is important to eliminate gender differentiation, especially in an industry like ours that has traditionally been dominated by men. This is the path that DAMI is following, constantly committing to sustainability and gender equality to ensure a better future for the company and for society as a whole.”


Elisabetta Pieragostini