Dienpi, unique pieces, inimitable style

The commitment of the Marche company Dienpi is growing, resulting in high quality collections made in compliance with the highest ethical and environmental standards. An example of how excellence, style and responsibility can be combined

With thirty years experience in the clothing accessories sector, Dienpi has established itself as an international reference point in the production of accessories and processing for footwear, clothing and leather goods. The Marche company, with offices in San Benedetto del Tronto and Scandicci, offers a complete and customised service, from design to prototyping to mass production, guaranteeing a product of the highest quality and refined design. Dienpi stands out for its ability to carry out special work on fine leathers, bags and shoes for the biggest names in the world of luxury. The company benefits from a team of experts capable of graphically reworking images and logos supplied by clients, adapting them to the specific requirements of each project. A prototype, sample and one-off pieces service completes its offer, making it an ideal partner for companies seeking excellence and attention to detail. The company pays maximum attention to quality and work ethics. Its products reflect all the safety and environmental standards required by current regulations. The company uses only certified raw materials, often opting for eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper, chrome-free leather and water-based inks. As co-founder Doriana Marini explains, this company represents the perfect example of Italian savoir-faire, combining tradition and innovation in a product of the highest quality.
Doriana, what are the new projects you are focusing your attention on?
“Embroidery represents an important area of development for our company, which is positioning itself as a complete partner for the decoration of semi-finished fashion items. We are already recognised for our printing technologies (screen printing, pad printing, digital and transfer), engraving, embossing and high frequency. The latest technology to be introduced is embroidery within our portfolio. The aim is to expand the range of Dienpi products and to propose increasingly complete and customised solutions to clients. In this context, embroidery comes into its own as a versatile technology with great added value, allowing us to create unique, high-end effects. We are investing significantly in this technology, expanding the range of samples and developing new combined processes. The aim is to position embroidery at the same level as the other technologies offered by the company, creating a unique and distinctive offer on the market. The introduction of embroidery confirms our vocation for innovation and the search for ever more advanced solutions to enrich fashion accessories. We are therefore ready to seize the new opportunities offered by this constantly evolving market.”
Thanks to your profound know-how, luxury brands can turn to you with the certainty of being able to realise the most ambitious projects?
“Dienpi is distinguished by the wide range of machining technologies at our disposal, which allows us to realise different types of machining, even combined with each other. An important innovation was the introduction of the CNC milling machine, which allows us to also make metal moulds in-house. This means that we no longer have to outsource, which increases the speed and confidentiality of our clients’ projects. For us, these are focal points. In addition, we have highly qualified personnel who are able to carry out 3D graphics and use this state-of-the-art equipment. All this allows us to offer a complete service of the highest quality, which meets the needs of the most prestigious brands.”
All this has involved large investments, correct?
“The last year has been a year of big investments for our company, which has focused on expanding the workshop, acquiring new space and modernising technology. In particular, we have installed a new laser bridge over three new embroidery machines, expanding our production capacity and the range of possible processes. In addition, new space adjacent to the company was acquired to expand the workshop and renovate the offices. Dienpi cares about the well-being of its employees, and believes that a comfortable and functional working environment is fundamental to their productivity and well-being. The company decided to restore an old industrial building from the 1970s, which was once used to reinforce motorway tunnels, transforming it into new premises. The decision to restore an existing building was dictated by several reasons: the desire not to consume new land, the beauty of the building itself and its strategic location, easily reached by both clients and employees. Ours is a company that is attentive to corporate welfare, and knows that women, who represent 65%- 70% of the workforce, are often engaged on several fronts. For this reason, the company is committed to creating a work environment that facilitates work-life balance.”


Andrea Scaltritti e Doriana Marini

Dienpi presented a multitude of new processes at the last edition of Lineapelle, the result of experience, craftsmanship and innovation