DOGI INTERNATIONAL, news in the post-pandemic

DOGI INTERNATIONAL, an Italian and international leader, is ready for the market’s new challenges.
From DOGI INTERNATIONAL point of view, creativity and research represent the recipe to get out of the post-pandemic crisis. This company, located in Chiampo (Vicenza), a city of the worldwide renowned district of Arzignano, is specialized in the creation of fashion items and processing for third parties and it works in many sectors dealing with leather, clothing, furnishing accessories, jeans, fashion accessories, leather goods, bookbinding and motorcycling. It was founded by Giancarlo Domirti, who was able, over a decade only, to turn the company into a sector leader thanks to his thirty-year experience in the leather sector.
The business was initially meant to finish and the trade high-quality leathers which needed a specific manual processing. Afterwards, DOGI INTERNATIONAL has established itself on the market and specialized over the years in different processes, some of which are patented and very much appreciated by niche customers, including the most important brands worldwide.
The turning point was 2014, when the company entered the leather goods and footwear sectors. Production increased a lot and, at the same time, an innovative hand finishing system was introduced transforming common leathers in exclusive ones. This represented a strategic choice decided by the top management, aimed at reducing the commitment to the economic range of products and at approaching the high-end market. From the serial production that bets on large volumes, a step forward had been made towards manual skills and creativity, very sought after features in the luxury sector. For a company like DOGI INTERNATIONAL which boasts unique production capacities and high technologies, the path linked to creativity and to “go beyond” traditional processes made the difference.
The Covid-19 impasse, which has paralyzed the economy worldwide since the first months of 2020, caused many problems, but Dogi has constantly been looking for strategies aimed at keeping its leadership at an international level, focusing on creativity, an essential aspect to provide clients with new ideas.
“We have already gone through the first half of the year – explains Giancarlo Domirti, CEO of DOGI INTERNATIONAL – and the situation of the Italian and foreign market is still chaotic; the footwear and leather goods sectors are the most affected by this emergency thus causing big uncertainty.”
International economic operators are confident that things will be better for the rest of 2021 and then for the future…
“To tell the truth, the health pandemic does not seem to be behind us yet, the truth is that even information in general is not always clear. We are trying to strengthen the economy, but in my opinion, there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel to make any forecast, at least by now. It is not enough to say that the economy is growing, we are deeply linked to fashion stores, which, at the moment, face a very bad situation.“
How did you take advantage of the last 18 months and the related slowdown in the market in terms of R&D activities?
“We did an intense R&D work in spring 2020. Furthermore, we did our best to satisfy customers’ requests going through many difficulties, as our customers themselves had to accept small orders with very small margins.”
What are your main innovations in terms of technological innovation, new projects and products you plan to launch in 2022, when the markets’ conditions will be better?
“We are developing new projects in the field of modern technologies, a new “dawn” that will give the possibility to launch further theme variations.”
Another issue occurred In recent months: the rise of raw materials’ cost. How do you manage this matter?
“As a matter of fact, this is causing great difficulties, not only linked to high prices, but also to deliveries, that are not safe nor guaranteed. Most of the customers understand the situation and are loyal to DOGI thanks to our quality standards. We collected orders, but we are not able to plan anything for the future; obviously, we will monitor the overall health and economic situation.”
In the past 18 months, did you miss trade fairs?
“We did miss them a lot: we had no chance to arrange physical meetings and live discussions we were used to. We also decided not to participate in Tanning Tech in September, as we believe most of the usual foreign operators and visitors will not be able to easily travel.”
Your company is located in the Chiampo valley, the leather district par excellence, a territory that boasts unique skills: what is your strength?
“Great attention to customer needs and a “team” able to concentrate its attention exclusively on developing and interpreting requests. This involves research and applications, our real strengths, that our customers appreciate and of which we are proud: over time our team has been able to grow, responding gradually to the new and more demanding needs of the market.”

Giancarlo Domirti, Ceo Dogi International

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