Eddy Ricami, a myriad of ideas for finished product customization – Speciale Regione Marche

Established in 1998, Eddy Ricami started off as a small-sized business featuring four employees as well as a basic range of machines; over the years, thanks to a great passion and to steady investments in innovation, it has grown into a renowned firm and today it successfully manages a group of enterprises based in the Marche region boasting several expertise areas, including the manufacturing of fussbetts, plating and assembly processes. A successful adventure that started with embroidery and that has later moved on to digital printing, high frequency, silk-screen printing, pad printing, heat sealing and much more, succeeding in further widening its scope of action up to the apparel and knitwear sectors. Currently, the company relies on more than 200 collaborators, specialized in the finest processing techniques, applied mainly to the die-cut articles provided by the customers, to whom Eddy Ricami can suggest interesting solutions as well, abreast of the latest innovations both style-wise and from a technological point of view. At present, a division focused on the production of uppers, supporting the most prominent brands in the field of mid to high-end cloth shoes, is almost entirely dedicated to the manufacturing of models for several labels. An amazing growth path that has managed to keep up the pace with a steady development, showing perseverance and a quality-oriented philosophy: as a matter of fact, all the materials and the processes’ properties are tested, even with the aid of a step counter for shoes. The latter, via the simulation of thirty thousand steps, assesses the performance levels of said techniques. Special attention is also paid to yarns as well as to the different techniques used based on the type of shoe to be manufactured; generally speaking, the processes are carried out on the base upper provided by the customer; at the same time, there is the opportunity to pick solutions developed by Eddy Ricami. A skilled group, able to supply an ample range of services, supporting renowned brands that can thus find reliability and expertise in the fashion sector a world that would never cease to amaze industry professionals and end costumers alike.