Evolution Tech, the ace up the sleeve is Shine Tech

A very positive report from the Milan Fair for Evolution Tech, based in Arzignano (Vicenza), which presented the 1800 model for the first time, and is enjoying great success: already 4 units sold in Italy, now aiming at foreign markets.

Shine Tech is the ace up the sleeve of Evolution Tech S.r.l., a company specializing in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the leather, hides and footwear industry. The Tanning Tech show was a great success, as confirmed by Sales Manager Antonello Marchino, whom we interviewed at the company’s stand.
“At the Fair in Milan,” he said “we showcased a machine to apply foil, motivated by the new technical and aesthetic characteristics of leather with this application: it is a transfer that coats the leather, that is then finished. This foil is very interesting as it is easy to apply, there is no need to prepare the crust, leather goes directly into the press and the foil is applied at a rate of 5/6 meters per minute.
By applying it, it is possible at the same time to make a faux flower design, so to carry out two processing in one, at a considerable speed but above all guaranteeing a great quality of the final product. All the characteristics of the leather are enhanced in terms of naturalness, tightness and all the technical characteristics required to enter the world of finishing. We are aware that such interest is certainly also related to the ecological aspect, since foil is applied without the use of water, without smokestacks and with a very affordable machinery installation cost. As well as with significant energy savings precisely because of the fact that application times are faster.”
The Sales Manager of the Veneto-based company does not hide his satisfaction. “This is the first time,” added Antonello, “that we are presenting at the Fair this specific model, called Shine Tech, which has gone to enhance the product range: it is the 1800 model, 1.80 meters long and therefore is easily placed even in tanneries and workshops lacking of space. It is not a prototype, but a regularly operating machinery; we have already sold 4 units, all in Italy, three in Tuscany and one in Arzignano. However, the intention is to launch it also on the foreign market; during the Fair we had contacts with foreign operators, who were interested and curious about it, so much so that they asked for explanations on how it works. It was a great satisfaction for me, also considering that the patented features of our press perfectly merge a successful application. Of course, we will continue to evolve, but certainly this is a machine that really works and well, so we are sure it will become one of the standards of our production.”
“Another strong point,” the Sales Manager of EVOLUTION TECH concludes, “lies in the possibility of use in various sectors, ranging from footwear to leather goods, while by the end of the year the innovative 3,200 machine for upholstery with full leather, 3.20 meters long, will be ready. All the models in the range are patented because this machine, being equipped with pre-heating, is able to separately bring the leather and the film to temperature and then laminate them, guaranteeing a perfect sealing; this is the advantage that makes the difference. The satisfaction lies in the fact that we have been able to meet the needs of many tanning companies that needed an upgrade in leather, but with definite timeframes and modest investment, seeing the quality/price ratio of our models. The economic situation and that of the world markets are still not calming in many ways, but we are confident for the future, hoping that in 2023 there may be fewer obstacles and less turbulence.”


Antonello Marchino (Sales Manager), Denis Lovato (Technical Designer), Alberto Pavan (Ceo)