Exena, the keyword: safety, also for the next years to come

With a market share divided 40% in Italy and 60% abroad, Exena is confirmed in the top ten of the most innovative professional footwear manufacturers.

Exena was born from the desire of four entrepreneurs, experts in the accident prevention sector, to revolutionize the sector and change the way of thinking about safety footwear. Thanks to a new vision, that is adding aesthetic features to a mere service product, the brand established itself on the market, standing out for quality, innovation and flexibility. The originality of the project, as said by Giacomo Bara, Sales Manager of the Marche-based company, is based on three principles: adding research and design on a type of product created to be standardized; guaranteeing high quality and reliability through unceasing innovation and prompt control of each stage of production; monitor with professionalism and care every aspect of the production process, from design to development; and finally, guaranteeing outstanding customer service and an excellent quality/price ratio.
Mr. Bara, what is the news you launched at the latest edition of Safety Expo?
“It’s a safety shoe, named Gravity-0, equipped with a particular sole that we have called Air-Hole, designed to offer utmost performance in terms of rebound and anti-slip features thanks to a specific air tunnel that allows for a constant flow, thus ensuring an unceasing natural cushioning without the use of external components such as Eva or other materials that are currently used. It also ensures a longer duration over time than other solutions on the market. Alongside the Air-Hole, another important news we have introduced is the Easy Fit sock. With this new technology we have replaced the classic flap with a breathable elastic sock that adheres completely to the foot. In addition to keeping the foot clean from impurities such as dust, sand and external agents, it gives a special feeling of comfort given by the wrapping of the sock on the foot. Easy Fit adheres completely to the foot without the presence of overlapping materials and seams that can still be annoying. Finally, it also allows you to take off the foot without the need to fasten and unfasten the shoe.”
The new Boots line: what is it exactly?
“Exena is a footwear manufacturer, it’s our core business, so not long ago we decided to buy the machinery to make two lines of direct injection boots in-house. The Thunder line (in polyurethane) and the Nitro line (in PVC) are entirely produced in the Marche region and made with raw materials produced in Italy, therefore is 100% made in Italy. The first is in the premium range while the second has a lower entry price, anyway, with both, we have deal with a medium-high product range: we offer a quality product dedicated to professionals that differs from what can be purchased for DIY.”
How much do you invest in R&D activities?
“Very much. For us, especially in recent years, it has become very important. We carry out such activities thanks to a close cooperation between our company in Italy and the prototyping company located in Romania.”
How did the fair go?
“Very well; even if of a higher range, there is great interest towards new products, because today our customers are able to let the consumers understand that, according to increased prices, there are new technologies boasting higher quality to be discovered. We can say that, although in general the rumors are about an imminent crisis, the market is still pushing. So, as far as the demand is concerned, we are not having any major problems. We are starting to have some difficulties on the components side due to the fact that suppliers are struggling to find raw materials, especially the so-called energy- intensive ones. We refer to those who produce boxes, synthetic materials that require special processing and chemical materials that also require the use of high-consumption systems. At Safety Expo we wanted to show our customers that despite everything we are here, that despite the difficulties linked to the increase in prices and the pandemic, we are ready to face the future in a proactive way. This is shown by the fact that we are offering the market important lines that go beyond simple restyling: behind them there is in-depth study and design. Exena is there.”

EXENA – www.exena.it

Giacomo Bara Sales Manager