EZipCut, the new, ground-breaking pneumatic cutter

Light, precise, fast and easy to use, the EZipCut pneumatic cutter has been designed to cut fabrics, leather and other materials at every stage of the process, with the utmost ease and speed. The cutter also boasts an attached self-lubrication system and decagonal blade that increases the ratio cutting.
The pneumatic trimming machine and related components are customizable, as they’re designed to meet the specific needs of customers and the demands of an ever-evolving market.
According to the customer’s request, EzipCut has created a new trimming machine featuring a sliding base, to facilitate maneuverability and help the operator during the work phases. For those who, on the other hand, need to increase the cutting edge, the company has created a new cutting body with a special round protection, in order to meet every need and always guarantee safety for the worker.
For customers who have specific requests or are studying applications in certain departments, the company offers tailor-made modifications, according to the highest European standards.
The EzipCut team of experts is always at the customer’s side to improve their production, while maintaining operator safety as an essential.