Fainplast, vocation for innovation

The company based in Ascoli Piceno in the Italian Marche region, specializing in compounds for the footwear sector, focuses on continuous product innovation.

Fainplast, founded in 1993 by Battista Faraotti, currently represents one of the most cutting-edge companies in the plastics sector. The compound, a plastic material in granular form, has a wide range of applications in various sectors, including the footwear sector. In a process of continuous renewal made up of research and development of new technologies, with particular attention to preserving environmental resources and reducing emissions from the footwear industry, Fainplast has been able to act in advance, meeting the new needs of the sector in which the growing demand of consumers of more eco-compatibility in the actions of companies is strongly influencing the way in which the latter act, who find themselves increasingly being an active part of actions aimed at fighting against environmental pollution and the depletion of natural resources. The most recent Fainplast sustainable compounds, produced with variable percentages of recycled material and with renewable sources, are a concrete solution to satisfy the demand of brands who have understood how capillary control over the production chain is imperative to protect the image of the fashion system and the life of our planet. Fainplast compounds for reducing environmental impact range from EVA-based materials of bio-origin instead of fossil origin to innovative compounds with natural ingredients. An important innovation has been the creation of a series of products containing microalgae, the result of a very in-depth study. Thanks to the use of these biomaterials and the natural plasticity of algae, the main characteristics of EVAtech compounds are maintained while preserving environmental resources and reducing emissions from the footwear industry. Among the certifications required by the supply chains in order to promote the sustainability of the entire process, an obligatory step for the future, there is ISCC PLUS, the sustainability certification for sustainable raw materials which is part of the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification scheme, obtained by Fainplast in 2022.