FAV Leather Machines, Simac Tanning Tech 2022

FRATELLI ALBERTI stands as a landmark among manufacturers of machines for the leather industry, while giving new life to a seventy-year-old tradition of excellent Italian craftsmanship.
We offer customers our expertise to help them enhance the perfection of skiving, splitting and combining processes because we are not simply considered as machine makers but as partners.
Keen on our work and worldwide well-known we continuously aim to improve to take care of our employees as well as of the environment. Your need is our challenge. Your challenge is our need.
In line with an ever-ceasing improvement, we are investing in the redesign of the process and in machinery modernization for the production of our bell knives, in order to achieve an important increase in production capacity.
Simac Tanning Tech 2022
According to the innovation process started in 2021, Fratelli Alberti is focusing on 4.0 technology also in this edition of Simac Tanning Tech.
The true protagonists will be the combining machines of the AP line, machines used to combine, by means of a hot press, different pre-glued materials. These are the new 4.0 versions of the old COMBI, improved in terms of structure and efficiency.
Subsequently, the 4.0 update will also be carried out on the last remaining product line, that of the FAV splitting machines.
The second important news that will be revealed at the fair will be a new table for skiving machines with super-suction motor. This new table features greater efficiency in the suction phase, with the possibility of inserting a filter that definitively solves the problem of waste that usually accumulats during the processing phase. This table will also offer greater safety thanks to protective casing for the mechanical parts in motion.