Fimec scheduled for March 8 to 10, 2022, in Nova Hamburgo

The largest trade fair for the sector in the Americas promotes business and presents sustainable solutions

Sustainability is set to be a major theme at Fimec 2022, scheduled for March 8 to 10, 2022, at the Fenac pavilions, in Nova Hamburgo, in Brazil’s southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul. The concept behind the event signals the need to look towards the future, under the campaign slogan: “the only one with everything to create tomorrow”. “This is clearly an essential subject that must be discussed and Fimec, as an authority in presenting market solutions, plays an important role in providing incentive for this issue, whether in spaces of knowledge, through experiences or by means of its exhibitors”, states Marcio Jung, Chief Executive Officer of Fenac.

One of the trade show’s major projects is the Fimec Studio, geared towards providing experiences and introducing trends. Headed by Coelho Assessoria Empresarial, along with Fenac, the initiative will be largely focused on sustainability with an added bonus of changes to the location. “Fimec Studio is being completely redesigned, now occupying a larger and better equipped area: the main hall at the entrance to the trade show. Visitors will be met with products from each of the companies participating at Fimec within the concept of sustainability, innovative materials that will hint at consumer behavior trends, guiding professional footwear makers in the development of their collections”, says Luís Coelho.

All visitors will pass through Fimec Studio in order to access the trade show pavilions, where they can inspect sustainable inputs and components developed by the companies. Additionally, there will be a special area to display natural materials (moriche palm fiber, cotton, piassava, capim dourado and seeds, among others) collected and processes by artisans, artisan cooperatives, indigenous tribes and extractivists communities.

Besides Fimec Studio, event sponsor Covestro will also be showcasing major sustainable market solutions. With some 10.7 billion euros in sales in 2020, Covestro is a global leader in polymers. Its commercial activities are concentrated on the production of high-tech polymers and the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for products used in several areas of daily life, attesting to its full commitment to the circular economy. “Fimec is a benchmark trade show that brings together some of the biggest players in the market and provides opportunity to present the Brazilian and Latin-American markets with the newest technologies available around the world, focused chiefly on the circular economy and sustainability”, stated Silvio Hernandes Torres, director of sales and market development for Covestro. The Brazilian market is of the utmost importance to the multinational, which is looking to present the most innovative and sustainable technologies and materials that may also contribute to making Brazilian industry more competitive.