Fly Flot, praise to all-italian manufacture

Fly Flot is going through a very positive and growing period, the result of thorough work and unceasing research aimed at the future. This growth is perceived above all by the new developments that have met with great success.

Last summer the company presented a new line of products suitable for a wider range of customers that included women, men and children. Designed to combine all the most representative elements of Fly Flot and the values in which the brand believes. The quality of the MADE IN ITALY label, the comfort for which it is now renowned worldwide and a new young and modern style. The result was a success from which Fly Flot drew inspiration for the development of the Summer 2023 season.

This new line is characterized by the ‘wrapping’ anatomy of the non-slip sole which, combined with the anti-shock insole, ensures utmost comfort at every step. The “airflot” lining, thanks to its excellent breathability and absorbency, keeps the foot cool and dry even on the hottest days. Finally, the wide range of combinations of colors and materials used for the uppers, give a unique and captivating style to each model, leaving customers spoiled for choice.

In addition to the more technical aspects, this new type of footwear, as well as most of the Fly Flot models, is proudly made in Italy. This label is essential for the Brescia-based company, not only because is perceived all over the world as a byword of quality, but above all it underlines the commitment carried out by the brand to ensure employment to the members of the local community.

Aware of its responsibility, Fly Flot has always been committed to finding solutions to reduce its environmental impact. As a matter of fact, the energy used in the factory is totally renewable, since it’s obtained from a photovoltaic system. The packaging is made of recycled paper and cardboard and the attention to materials guarantees Fly Flot’s models proven durability, thus reducing consumption and waste.