Franco Fedele, the value of craftsmanship

Franco Fedele shoes, byword for the inexhaustible Neapolitan creativity, are produced with the best materials and a special care in manufacturing, result of the experience of a family that has made a passion for high quality footwear a reason for living. The utmost attention to finishes and details outstands into precious models, boasting an irresistible appeal, in able to explore today’s lifestyle beyond tradition.

In 1972 Franco Fedele, founder of the fourth generation of master shoemakers, opened a small company hiring 3 employees, buying a few machines: he produced 36 pairs of shoes per day.

The small craftsman from Aversa, in the province of Caserta, guarded a precious heritage, that of his grandfather, who, back in the ‘30s, already used to make shoes for the Neapolitan bourgeoisie.

In a few decades, the Franco Fedele company became an established company in the Italian footwear sector.

Made up of a team of stylists, pattern makers and designers who are always advised about the trends of the moment, today the company produces refined and high-quality footwear using only Italian raw materials and labor. All processes are carried out in the company’s factory according to artisanal traditions. “I grew up in a family of shoemakers where I inherited the passion for manufacturing leather. I alternated study and work and at 18 I managed to produce 12 pairs of men shoes a day all by myself,” says the president Franco Fedele, who gave the group his same name e who leads the company together with his daughters, thanks to whom he can boast the excellent results, commitment and sensitivity of one all-female team.

As a matter of fact, apart from the founder, the family is made up of only women, fully committed and passionate about footwear. “We have always focused on product quality, we believe It is also important to invest in new resources, especially local labor made up of experts craftsmen who over time passed down their knowledge to young people. Today, 40% of ours staff is made up of young people from Campania,” explains Fedele, who believes in the winning recipe of keeping long-term employees, respecting their needs and having a family-oriented approach towards them. The raw materials also come from Italy. Strategies that led the company to a strong international expansion. Today the Neapolitan entrepreneur is renowned on the European market as well as in Japan, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United States.

Determined, pragmatic and above all passionate, Franco Fedele wants to bring the style and quality of the ‘Made in Italy’ label in the world. “Working with the heart satisfies and excites. The profit shall not always be the goal. It is more important to share hardships and joys with family and collaborators. After all, technology and expertise are not enough to obtain satisfactory results. It takes something simple but difficult to find: the passion for your own work.”

Franco Fedele