Galli Spa, technological revolution: the vision of success

Galli, a leader in the design of leather processing machines, unveils its technological revolution to face future challenges with passion and a solid team.

Founded in 1979, Galli has established itself as a leader in the design and production of innovative machines for leather processing, offering advanced solutions for cutting, punching, gluing and other crucial production steps.
During our exclusive interview at Simac Tanning Tech with Carlo Galli, Managing Director and member of the second generation of the company, we had the opportunity to explore the extraordinary technological research and passion that drives the company. “This year we presented several innovations,” said Galli. “We have worked to make our machinery more flexible, able to adjust to the needs of current production. The leather goods market still requires large quantities, but also small production quantities, both with many variables in terms of sizes, colors and materials. We have developed machines that allow fast, automated and computerized format changes, so that even less experienced operators can handle production. This has opened up new possibilities for our customers, who can now meet the challenges of customized productions efficiently.”
Simplifying the use of the machines has been one of the priorities of the company. “Making machines intuitive for operators is a complex challenge,” Galli emphasized. “We have worked on a new machine, the third generation of the VISION, which has been redesigned from the ground up with the latest technology. We have introduced software that will allow us to use this technology on all our machines. The secret is to be able to combine technology, ease of use, high quality and excellence, and all this requires commitment, expertise and passion.” The latter is a key element for Galli’s success. “Without passion, you cannot move forward in this industry or any other,” said the CEO. “We have invested in the company and in our teams, which are made up of young talents with innovative ideas. We have not let anyone go, but we have enriched our team with people from different sectors, young people who want to collaborate and bring in new ideas. This allows us to grow and progress.”
Carlo Galli together with his brother Davide, both of whom have been involved in the company for years, have carried on the family tradition, but with a vision for the future. “We had the opportunity to make mistakes and find our own solutions,” explained Galli. “We have built a team that will enable us to face the future with confidence. A machine alone cannot change the life of a company, but the right team can. We are proud to have created an evolving team that is growing and will allow us to work at our best.”
When asked “What is your greatest achievement at the moment?”, Carlo replied: “I think my greatest achievement has been to build a solid team that will accompany us into the future. We are constantly evolving and growing this team, and we are convinced that this will enable us to meet the challenges successfully and continue to work to the best of our ability.”

Emilio e Carlo Galli Simac Tanning Tech 2023

Carlo Galli with his father Emilio