Gamar Italia, glitter accessories to shine

Dive in the enchanted universe of Gamar footwear and bag accessories, that shine so bright and spread out a timeless elegance. Even in the glitter version, these items add a touch of magic and make every step a true celebration of style. Available in a wide array of colors, they range from lively shades to delicate tones, capturing the imagination and making every day a feast for the eyes.

These glitter accessories come in nature-inspired shapes, with delightful floral and foliage creations that recall a sense of freshness and vitality. The lenticular and waving studs provide a refined look, while clamps and small ornaments add timeless refined details. For those who seek for a delicate touch or a bold detail, these accessories complete the look with an unmistakable style and they’re also suitable for both summer and winter fashion collections, adjusting perfectly to any outfit.

The utmost care and artisanal touch of this products relies on a base made of zamak, being a material that lends itself to countless interpretations and is able to ensure solidity and resistance. However, for more demanding customers looking for higher quality, machined from solid brass options are also available. This precious material gives luxury shoe and bag accessories an unparalleled shine, like real jewels.