Gamar Italia invests in design and develops fashion lace hooks

Letting typically masculine outerwear become must-haves of the women’s wardrobe, is now a trend.

A trend that is evolving today on casual clothing and sporty accessories, ranging in a wide offer of shades ready to meet every taste and use. Technical materials are combined with the great classics of outerwear and footwear in the name of an adventurous lifestyle that favors comfort, without giving up aesthetics.

In the last year there has been a boom about this switch and, above others, the lace hook has left room for its reinterpretations. Initially meant exclusively for work and mountain shoes and for a “strong” use, in recent years it has also entered the fashion world; at the beginning, only a few models of sheared iron hooks were picked from those already in the catalogue and used at this purpose, but now they really blasted. As a matter of fact, they’ve been re-styled in more refined shapes and materials: die-cast elements, polished inserts, injected and finished by hand. There’s an unceasing search for refinements that were never taken into consideration, such as two-tone effects, iridescences and significant customizations.

The hook becomes the protagonist. The hook becomes attraction and a reason for desire. A nice hook, bright, flashy or able to enhance a particular lace, becomes a distinction, outstanding element for all those fashion houses that are unable to compete with the major players in the luxury world in the brand’s image challenge.

This year, Gamar Italia has paid a lot of attention in developing its winter collection of hooks. The photos displayed in this page are models that have been highly praised; this demonstrates that the fashion accessories development division is made up of expert people able to analyze and intercept social flows and responding with ornamental solutions in step with the times.