Gamar, The evolution of the eyelet… increasingly trendy!

Gamar Italia, boasting over thirty years of experience in manufacturing components for footwear and leather goods, has developed several fashion and design eyelets and keeps on improving them within its own workshops. After the success of the first models, the Vigevano-based company has enlarged its product range and enhances the by launching high-end components suitable for all types of footwear: eyelets featuring a zamak crown, or a brass shank to ensure a high-strength, quality riveting.
The accessory is useful for different finishes: galvanic, painted or anodized.
The strength of the company on the market also lies in its inventiveness and ability to customize each item, as well as to promptly meet the customer needs; for this type of article, Gamar Italia is able to recreate design and shapes expressly for each brand: logos, textures, Greek frets or processing made according to the design of the stylists.
In the future, the catalog will further grow with innovative and trendy models designed and developed by a company that, for years, has been leading the way in the evolution of this accessory.

gamar lineapelle 2021

The Gamar booth at Lineapelle September 2021

In the next picture, a preview of 4 eyelets from the new collection that will be launched at Lineapelle fair September 22-24, 2021. These are just some of the news that the company will unveil: in addition to buckles and fashion and technical accessories, 12 new models of eyelet will be displayed.