GARSPORT, A+A Düsseldorf report

Sparkling horizons are opening up for Garsport, the shoe factory in Volpago del Montello (Tv) specialising in trekking, mountain and safety shoes since 1972. With the imminent launch of the innovative HEXALIGHT footwear line, 2024 looks radiant; Elena Garbuio tells us about it..

“Garsport was proud to present its star product for this edition of the trade fair: HEXALIGHT, a new line of footwear coming out this year with polyurethane soles obtained by direct injection onto the upper and characterised by distinctive cone-shaped grooves that completely cover them. There are multiple advantages: less use of material and greater lightness of the shoe, less waste and therefore less environmental impact, optimal heel cushioning during use and a more solid structure of the sole itself. Rebound quality and comfort also remain unchanged. At the fair stand, we had a great turnout and received many compliments, both for the design of the upper and the innovation of the sole.
Long days, but with great satisfaction.
2024, after all, will be a year of renewal for Garsport. In addition to design and moulding, in fact, it is our intention to invest and innovate with new cutting-edge and sustainable machinery, with fuel-efficient machines equipped with all the certifications required by European protocols. A virtuous example of our care for the environment is our factory in Romania, which, with over two thousand photovoltaic panels installed along the entire roof area, produces 80% of its needs with renewable energy.
The progress of the security sector? At the moment the market trend is more than favourable for us. Our detail has grown by about 30 per cent compared to 2022.”