Garsport, safety and comfort

Undisputed safety and durability, excellent quality standards: these safety shoes are designed to be suitable for the most diverse needs and types of use

Since 1972, Garsport has never stopped growing step by step, thanks to the passion handed down by the founders and the professionalism of its collaborators. The continuous search for new materials and the careful control of the production processes grant excellent quality standards, the cornerstone of the Garsport philosophy.
The brand new full protection line by Garsport, with its patented technology, focuses on comfort in the toe area, where materials are subjected to intensive contact and abrasion. Thanks to its particular construction, comfort and shoe flexibility are simply exceptional: the end user will feel like wearing a shoe without protection toe cap, taking the benefit of having the same comfort comparable to everyday freetime shoes. Furthermore, the PU coating surface on the toe area, allows a better shoe durability, and an improved resistance to external agents and abrasion.


HEAVY DUTY – For hard work in extreme conditions

Heavy Duty safety shoes are part of a big line designed for the safety sector. S3 mid cut safety boots are suitable for any work context. They are equipped with a waterproof and breathable membrane which provides a total windproof and water-resistant protection. Protective aluminum toecaps along with anti-perforation and composite foils grant a maximum resistance.