Gemata e Rollmac, evolution continues

At the closing of ITMA, Gemata sums up and closes on a positive note. We talk about the results with Michele Fassina, Manager of Rollmac, the Group brand dedicated to the mechanical-textile sector

At the closing of ITMA, Gemata sums up and closes on a positive note. We talk about the results with Michele Fassina, Manager of Rollmac, the Group brand dedicated to the mechanical-textile sector.
The history of Gemata from Trissino is that of a company that has been able to distinguish itself in the finishing sector thanks to its focus on innovation and avant-garde technology. Founded way back in 1979, the company has evolved over the years, today becoming a point of reference for many companies in the textile and tanning sector. What makes Gemata so special is its ability to constantly innovate, developing technical solutions in step with the times. Indeed, thanks to this constant commitment, it has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the leaders in the textile sector, offering products and services of the highest quality. What really distinguishes the Vicenza company, however, is its focus on after-sales service, offering clients constant and customised support at every stage of the production process. By relying on this approach, Gemata has managed to develop a relationship of trust with many of its clients, who choose it as their first partner for their textile projects. Ultimately, Gemata is a company that has been able to combine technological innovation with high quality service, becoming a point of reference in the textile sector and proving itself ready to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive and global market.
Rollmac has a long-standing presence at ITMA, correct?
“Gemata has a solid experience in the textile finishing sector, having participated for the first time at ITMA in 2003 and accumulating 20 years of experience in the field. The company, which operates under the Gemata brand, has over time also acquired the historical brands Roitex and Rollmac, becoming an important reference point in the textile finishing world. The range of products offered by Rollmac is wide and includes machines and components for textile coating, a sector in which the company is positioned in a niche, bordering on finishing. In addition to textile finishing, however, Rollmac is also dedicated to the finishing of technical fabrics and synthetic materials, further niche markets that always fall within the textile sector”.
Not only that…
“In fact, the company offers a wide range of products, from production lines to components and equipment for the production, in order to serve the textile industry in 360° degrees.
What did you present during the eight-day event?
“The textile coating sector is notoriously traditional and not very prone to innovation. However, Rollmac presented some new machinery that represents innovation in the field, in particular, that which operates on large 3.40 metre scale, a significant evolution from the past”.
What were your main objectives for participating in the fair? Did you achieve them?
“We took part in ITMA because it is certainly the most important textile fair in the sector, with a major national and international echo: it was, therefore, essential to attend the event with our presence on the stand. The fair went very well, with an influx of visitors exceeding expectations, both in terms of quantity and quality. Above all, we made contacts with companies completely in our target market’.
Which products or services attracted the most interest among the trade fair visitors? What was the feedback received?
“All of our technologies generated interest among visitors. Obviously, we received a lot of requests for multifunctional systems, which meet different customer requirements, however, customers seem to be mainly interested in machines characterised by good usability and able to guarantee the reproducibility of items.

How do you rate the overall experience at the fair? Were you able to make new contacts and strengthen relationships with existing customers and partners? Will there be any future developments as a result of your participation in the fair?
‘Summing up, we can conclude that the fair was definitely a success. We consolidated existing relationships and were able to make contact with many new companies. At the moment we are working to manage the requests we received at the fair but, once this follow-up moment is over, we will certainly gather ideas to evaluate future projects’.

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