GGS Footwear Moulds, precision for walking safely

For over 50 years, GGS Footwear Moulds has been creating moulds for the footwear sector, combining the italian craftsmanship with the most advanced technology. the result is a high quality, reliable and durable product

From a small artisan business founded in 1970 by entrepreneur Lino Gobbato, GGS Footwear Moulds is today an important international company specializing in the production of moulds for the footwear sector, capable of satisfying every customization need. Franco Gobbato, the third generation of the company based in Legnaro, in the province of Padua, explains the success story, the result of a balanced mix of traditional experience and technological innovation.
Mattia Gobbato, how was company founded?
“GGS was established in the 1970s by my grandfather, Lino Gobbato, who, after a previous experience as a division manager, decided to set up on his own by founding a company specializing in the production of moulds for PVC boots. His dedication and ambition have been passed down to his sons, still at the helm of the family business today: Roberto and Franco Gobbato. Thanks to great and unceasing team work, today the company is able to satisfy every production requirement, making moulds for all injection moulding machines on the world market. Our products are made from high quality aluminum, which enables the perfect injection of any material used in the footwear industry (PVC, EVA, PU, TPU, natural rubber, thermoplastic rubber, etc.). We offer different types of moulds: single-color, two-color, three-color and with inserts. We also assist the customer in the choice of finishes, from laser to photoengraving, from polishing to sandblasting.”
When did you switch to polyurethane moulding and why?
“The first designs date back to the late 1990s. Polyurethane is much lighter than PVC, provides greater thermal insulation at low temperatures and has technical and comfort improvements for those who have to use safety footwear for many hours a day, for example”.
You work with big companies all over the world. Your international outreach is immediately undeniable.
“In the beginning we manufactured moulds for PVC boots for the East German government. We are always looking towards new goals in Europe, Russia, the United States, Canada and South America, Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Today we owe 90 per cent of our turnover to our foreign relations.”
What is your level of productivity?
“We have always relied on large volumes. Over the years we have introduced eight five-axis, palletized CNC robotic machines that work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not shy away from working on Saturdays and Sundays. We have structured the company to be productive even at night without staff with an e-mail alert system that allows us to intervene in the event of any malfunctions.”
What is your trump card?
“We manage the entire production cycle in-house, working alongside the customer from the creative phase till the approval. Starting from the initial concept, we carry out the design in 2D to clarify all the technical datarelating to the mould. Once the design is confirmed, we produce the 3D model and then create the maquette by prototyping with a 3D printer. We then give concrete shape to the client’s idea and fine-tune the design and details of the model in every detail. Following design approval, we proceed with mould production, using state-of-the-art software and high-speed 5-axis CNC robotized machines. Thanks also to reverse engineering with 3D measurement technology, we are able to enhance quality control and optimize processing times. We have established a fruitful collaboration based on respect for confidentiality with major injection moulding machine manufacturers to solve any problems the customer may have, helping them to produce a better end product. Every time we start with a new project, we try to bring the customer to success through close collaboration with all the stakeholders, from us mold makers to the injection machine manufacturer, up to the plastics and dye manufacturer. I strongly believe in the need to provide the customer with an all-round service that makes him feel protected and supported, so that he is ready to enter production as soon as possible. After all, we are talking about moulds and machinery that require investments of up to six figures.”
How did you build your role at GGS?
“I’m class 1988; after studying IT I joined the company at the age of 18, starting from the basics. For 12 years, I gradually worked on 2D and 3D design, reverse engineering, milling, CNC and 3D CAM programming, after which I took the opportunity to move into the commercial sector, on the strength of the cross expertise I had acquired. I developed an aptitude for customer care. I like to travel and I travel a lot, and when I get to the client, I don’t just wear the salesman’s shoes, but I solve problems, thanks also to the possibility of interfacing with our team and, most of all, with my father and uncle, who boast 53 years of company history behind them. This service is much appreciated. GGS is a constantly evolving company that actively participates in new projects and the development of the latest technologies in the footwear world. Projects and technologies which, once perfected, are promptly shared with our loyal customers.”


Sales manager Mattia Gobbato, third generation of the family business