Gianmarco F., The beauty of Naples

The brand, headquartered in Mugnano, in the province of Naples, for over thirty years is renowned for its excellent products, all made in Italy: elegant footwear finely made of genuine leather, much sought-after by women thanks to their unmistakable Italian style.

The story of Gianmarco F., founded in 1973, is well rooted in its territory and is part of the real ‘made in Italy’ label. The family, working in the sector since the early seventies, has given life to this brand thanks to its own passion and determination. Marco Fittipaldi, son of the owner and at the helm of the company from seven years, told us about the strengths of this all-Italian brand.

Marco Fittipaldi, can you tell us about Gianmarco F.’s production?
Boasting over thirty years of experience, Gianmarco F. is now a well-established business in the footwear sector able to offer a high-quality, excellent product at an affordable price. Our team consists of about 20 employees, who work at the headquarters, in a factory of over 700 sqm. Here, starting from the very first sketch, every project becomes true thanks to the skilled hands of artisans who transform every drawing into exclusive shoes with great passion, experience and utmost attention to detail.

What are the values that inspire your business every day?
Our brand is a byword of comfort, without ever giving up on elegance. We invest a lot in the quality of materials and stylistic research, two essential pillars thanks to which the company has succeeded in years to become a point of reference in the sector both in Italy and abroad.

We constantly renew our range according to trends and fashion, as expected from a quality Italian product. It should be noted that Gianmarco’s market F. is not exclusively sold in Italy and therefore we must be able to meet the different needs of our international clientele.

What are the international markets you are addressed to?
Mainly Europe, Russia and America. In an increasingly globalized world, those who produce must take a cue from the genius once expressed by the small shops that have made the Italian handcraft great, thus managing to create unique products. This artisan look has proved to be successful and today we can rely on countless partnerships with agents located throughout the national territory and collaborators who take care of the international clientele. This market share is further implemented through our presence at the Micam fair, a true international showcase for us, where most of the foreign orders are placed.

What is the strength of your products from a stylistic point of view? What added value can you guarantee your customers?
We have a notional, artisan and stylistic baggage collected through over three decades: this alone is a strength that not everyone can boast. Our shoes are entirely handmade with the best materials and high-end leathers, so as to best combine well-being and elegance, and they are the result of a philosophy that puts customer first, then the product: according to the needs of our consumers, we design and create models suitable for all ages and occasions, keeping an excellent quality-price ratio.