Il Gioiello di Fiume, prototyping and 100% artisanal production, all made in Italy

Between craftsmanship and unceasing experimentation, Il Gioiello di Fiume, now in its second generation, thanks to the expertise of its team produces accessories for footwear and leather goods by hand, with a contemporary vision. We interviewed the owner Antonio Fiume who told us about his products.

How was your company born?
“Il Gioiello di Fiume was founded in the eighties, and grew in terms of experience in mixing precious materials such as silver, brass, wood with certified synthetic materials, obtaining unique and particular blends. Today, only a few companies are able to make products that stand out for their craftsmanship.”
How your products stand out from industrial ones?
“With our artisan spirit we aim to give a new soul to the product, through handwork. The result is an innovative product with an artisanal touch. Our accessories are totally hand-worked unlike those produced with industrial molding.”
What are your competitors, if there are any?
“In Italy, very few companies make this type of product, both in terms of processing and typology. We have also made bags made entirely of metal by mixing brass, plastic and rhinestones, creating unique and particular pieces able to catch the attention of even the big brands, with which we usually collaborate.”
How do you approach to the customer?
“Customers, including big brands, usually bring us a graphic project from which our in-house R&D team elaborates vector drawings and 3D renderings. With the help of the latter, it is possible to define all the technical and stylistic details that precede the prototype phase. The product categories range from closures and mechanisms, clutch hinges, heels and tips, pullers, chains, buckles for belts and outerwear and key rings. Particular attention is paid to the finished jewelry category: our company has an enviable historical archive of vintage pieces.”
How is your company structured in terms of workforce?
“We have fifteen employees and external partners to whom we entrust some steps of our work; my goal is to grow further and also to create new jobs by keeping on carring out the in-house manufacturing, which I believe is our important added value.”